A Battlestar Galactica 25 legjobb monológja

Elkészültünk talán mind közül a legfontosabb toplistával, és meglepődve tapasztaltam, hogy ez egyben a legrövidebb is. Kevés sorozat van, amelyben annyira szeretik az írók a monológ vagy a beszéd műfaját, mint a Battlestar Galacticában, ebben viszont nem is lehet őket utolérni, de talán megközelíteni sem. A retorika ugyan egy megszerkesztett, előre megírt műfaj, így a beszédekben elhangzottak a legritkább esetben nevezhetők természetesnek, mégsem lehet haragudni az írókra, hiszen olyan fantasztikus szövegeket adtak a karaktereik szájába, amelyekre hosszú idő múlva is emlékezni fogunk.

Ez a lista igazán a dialógusokkal együtt teljes, hiszen oda csusszant át néhány remek fogalmazvány, úgyhogy ne felejtsétek el a toplista címkét böngészni. A tovább mögött megtaláljátok a teljes idézeteket a kommentárommal és a kiemeléseimmel, hogy ne kelljen feltétlenül végigolvasni mindent, mégis megmaradjon ez a gyűjtemény az utókornak.

“You cannot play God then wash your hands”
William Adama, Minisorozat

Adama parancsnok már a minisorozat első felében megmutatta szónoki képességeit, ezzel a beszéddel pedig megalapozta a sorozat egyik alapkérdését, amely végül a fináléban oldódott fel, remekül keretbe zárva a történetet.

“The Cylon War is long over… yet we must not forget the reasons why so many sacrificed so much… in the cause of freedom. The cost of wearing the uniform can be high… but– Sometimes it’s too high. You know, when we fought the Cylons… we did it to save ourselves from extinction. But we never answered the question, why? Why are we as a people worth saving? 

We still commit murder because of greed, spite, jealousy. And we still visit all of our sins upon our children. We refuse to accept the responsibility for anything that we’ve done. Like we did with the Cylons. We decided to play God… create life. When that life turned against us… we comforted ourselves in the knowledge… that it really wasn’t our fault, not really. You cannot play God then wash your hands of the things that you’ve created. Sooner or later, the day comes… when you can’t hide from the things that you’ve done any more.”

“As of this moment, we are at war”
William Adama, Minisorozat

Ugyan az “as of this moment” egy létező angol kifejezés, de a BSG egyik kedvenc szófordulata lett, először pedig itt hallhattuk. Adama érces, akkor még szokatlan hangjával ezek a szavak nagyon nagyot ütöttek.

“This is the commander. Moments ago this ship received word of a Cylon attack against our home worlds… is under way. We do not know the size or the disposition or the strength of the enemy forces. But all indications point… to a massive assault against Colonial defences. 

Admiral Nagala has taken personal command of the fleet… aboard the Battlestar Atlantia… following complete destruction of Picon Fleet Headquarters… in the first wave of the attacks. How, why… doesn’t really matter now. What does matter is that, as of this moment, we are at war. You’ve trained for this. You’re ready for this. Stand to your duties, trust your fellow ship mates… and we’ll all get through this. Further updates as we get them. Thank you.”

“Earth! I know where it is!”
William Adama, Minisorozat

 Ez az a beszéd, amelyet a Battlestar Galactica forgatásának legelső napján vettek föl, és amelyet Edward James Olmos rögtön egy váratlan improvizációval, a többszörösen elskandált So Say We All-lal nyitott. Az előadásmód és szóhasználat egyszerre teszi csontig hatolóvá és borzongatóvá ezt a szöveget, amelynek egyes sorai azóta is ott visszhangzanak számos rajongó füleiben.

“Are they the lucky ones? That’s what you’re thinking, isn’t it? We’re a long way from home. We’ve jumped way beyond the Red Line… into uncharted space. Limited supplies. Limited fuel. No allies. And now no hope! Maybe it would’ve been better for us to have died quickly… back on the colonies with our families… instead of dying out here slowly… in the emptiness of dark space. Where shall we go? What shall we do? 

“Life here began out there.” Those are the first words of the sacred scrolls. And they were told to us by the Lords of Kobol… many countless centuries ago. And they made it perfectly clear that we are not alone in this universe.


It’s not unknown. I know where it is! Earth– the most guarded secret we have. The location was only known by the senior commanders of the fleet… and we dared not share it with the public. Not while there was a Cylon threat upon us. For now we have a refuge to go to… a refuge that the Cylons know nothing about! It won’t be an easy journey. It will be long and arduous. But I promise you one thing. On the memory of those lying here before you… we shall find it. And Earth will become our new home.”

 “We are still expected to do our jobs!”
Saul Tigh, 33

Erre a rövid beszédre reflektál az az egysoros, amit korábban kiemeltünk: ha a legénység nem gyűlöli az XO-ját, akkor az rosszul végzi a dolgát. Tigh ezredes a CIC-hoz intézte ezeket a szavakat, miután az Olympic Carrier, feltételezetten Dualla hibájából, eltűnt. Az utolsó, harsogó szavak azóta is felejthetetlenek, pedig hallottuk már Tigh-t nagyon sok mindenért leteremteni a legénységet.

“Yes, we’re tired. Yes, there is no relief. Yes, the Cylons keep coming after us time after time after time. And yes, we are still expected to do our jobs!” 

“This is the first day of a new era”
Tom Zarek, Bastille Day

Tom Zarek sosem aprózta el a dolgokat, ha politikáról volt szó. A taktikája hosszú távon végül is bevált, hiszen mindig többet követelt, mint amennyire alapja lehetett volna, és tökéletesen fel tudta használni az a töredéket, amit a követeléseiből megkapott.

“The crew are my prisoners. They will not be harmed. But I have two conditions before I release my captives. First, the government which controls our fate is illegal and illegitimate, and it must submit to the will of the people. I demand the immediate resignation of Laura Roslin and her ministers. 

Second, I demand free and open elections to choose a new leadership and a new government that represents all of the people. These demands are made not for me or for the former slaves held on this ship, but for you, the people, the survivors of the holocaust and the children of humanity’s future. I am Tom Zarek, and this is the first day of a new era.”

“Betrayal has such a powerful grip on the mind”
William Adama, Home I.

Úgy látszik, Adamából a halálközeli élmény előhozta a költőt, hiszen nem sokkal ezelőtt mondott el egy igen érzelmes beszédet a CIC legénységének a szeretetről. Ezt a rövid szöveget meglepetésünkre Deehez intézi, miközben a híres-hírhedt modellhajóval pepecsel – remek kontraszt a visszafojtott dühvel, amely ott fortyog legbelül a parancsnokban. David Eick írói karrierjének talán eddigi legmagasabb pontja. 

“It’s interesting. Betrayal has such a powerful grip on the mind. It’s almost like a python. It can squeeze out all other thought. Suffocate all other emotion until everything is dead except for the rage. I’m not talking about anger. I’m talking about rage. I can feel it. Right here. Like it’s gonna burst. Feel like I wanna scream. Right now, matter of fact.” 

“With Galactica at our side, we will endure”
D’Anna Biers, Final Cut

D’Anna a riportfilmjének végén mondja el ezeket a sorokat, miközben egy igen hangulatos montázst látunk a Galactica legénységéről. Teljesen mindegy, hogy tudjuk-e, valójában kicsoda D’Anna, a beszéd akkor is megkapó, és a végére becsempészett kolóniai himnusszal együtt igazán hatásos. Végignézve a sorozatot, ismerve a legénység minden szenvedését, még inkább szívbemarkoló ez a remekül megírt szöveg.

“I came to Galactica to tell a story. In all honesty, I thought I knew what that story was before I ever set foot here. How an arrogant military let their egos get in the way of doing their job safeguarding the lives of the civilian population. But I found the truth was more complex than that. These people aren’t cylons. They’re not robots blindly following orders and polishing their boots. They’re people. Deeply flawed, yes, but deeply human too. And maybe that’s saying the same thing. 

What struck me the most is that despite it all– the hardships, the stress, the ever-present danger of being killed– despite all that, they never give up. Never lie down in the road and let the truck run them over. They wake up in the morning, put on their uniforms, and do their jobs. Every day, no pay. No rest. No hope of ever laying down the burden and letting someone else do the job. There are no relief troops coming, no Colonial fleet training new recruits every day. The people on Galactica are it. They are the thin line of blue separating us from the cylons. 

Lieutenant Gaeta told me a remarkable statistic. Not a single member of Galactica’s crew has asked to resign. Not one. Think about that. If you wore the uniform, wouldn’t you want to quit? To step aside and say, “Enough. Let someone else protect the fleet.” I know I would. But then, I don’t wear a uniform. Most of us don’t, most of us never will. The story of Galactica isn’t that people make bad decisions under pressure. It’s that those mistakes are the exception. Most of the time, the men and women serving under Commander Adama get it right. The proof is that our fleet survives. And with Galactica at our side, we will endure. This is D’anna Biers, Fleet News Service.”

“This is more than a ship. This is an act of faith”
Laura Roslin, Flight of the Phoenix

Sajnos Laura Roslintól kevés valódi beszédet találtunk. Volt, amelyiket csak részleteiben hallhattunk, volt, amelyiket félbeszakítottak, és volt, amelyik tényleg nem volt érdekes, de ez a néhány sor, amelyet Tyrol hajója, a Blackbird felavatásakor hallhattunk, igazán megkapóra sikerült, még akkor is, ha a sorozat egyik állandó motívumát visszhangozta. 

“After what we’ve been through, it would be very easy to give up, to lose hope. But not here. Not today. This is more than a ship, Chief. This is an act of faith. It is proof that despite all we’ve lost, we keep trying. And we will get through this, all of us, together. I promise.”

“Do not flinch”
Helena Cain, Resurrection Ship II.

A beszédek nem feltétlenül azért fontosak, mert annyira megindítóak vagy közel állnak a szívünköz. Cain admirális szavaival gyakran nehéz egyetérteni, erről a Razor is meggyőzött bennünket, viszont a gyakorlatiasságát, a hidegfejűségét nem lehet kétségbe vonni. Persze egész más megvilágításba helyezi az érveit az a tudat, hogy mögöttük valójában ott állnak a legsötétebb emberi érzelmek.

“Let me tell you something. I’ve had to watch a lot of kids be put into body bags. They’re covered with flags and they float out that airlock. You think I don’t understand his feelings towards his men? 

Sometimes terrible things have to be done. Inevitably, each and every one of us will have to face a moment where we have to commit that horrible sin. And if we flinch in that moment, if we hesitate for one second, if we let our conscience get in the way, you know what happens? There are more kids in those body bags. More kids floating out that airlock. I don’t know why… but I have a lot of faith in you. And I want you to promise me that when that moment comes you won’t flinch. Do not flinch.”

“The insurgency stops now”
John Cavil, Occupation

Cainnél gyakorlatiasabb és embertelenebb csak úgy lehet valaki, hogyha nem is ember. Ezt Cavil atya bizonyította az Occupationben, amikor többedmagával összefoglalta az emberiségellenes stratégiáját. A gondolatmenetet az teszi hátborzongatóvá, hogy ez valószínűleg tényleg így működik. 

“We round up the leaders of the insurgency, and we execute them, publicly. We round up random groups off the street, and we execute them, publicly. Send a message that the gloves are coming off. The insurgency stops now, or else we start reducing the human population to a more manageable size. I don’t know, say, uh… less than a thousand.”

“A feat that will be told and retold down through the ages”
William Adama, Exodus I. 

Akárhányszor meghallgatom, ettől a beszédtől könnyek szöknek a szemembe, annak ellenére, hogy egészen sablonos. Valahogy a pátoszos, nagy szavak Edward James Olmos előadásában nem hangzanak annyira túlírtnak, amit hála az Istennek rendszeresen ki is használtak az írók. Kell egyfajta ízlés ahhoz, hogy az ember szeresse az ilyen szövegeket, de engem nagyon megtaláltak.

“This is the Admiral. You’ve heard the news. You know the mission. You should also know there’s only one way that this mission ends. And that’s with the successful rescue of our people on New Caprica.

Look around you. Take a good look at the men and women that stand next to you. Remember their faces. For one day you will tell your children and your grandchildren that you served with such men and women as the universe has never seen. And together you accomplished a feat that will be told and retold down through the ages, and find immortality as only the Gods once knew. I’m proud to serve with you. Good hunting.”

“I have to prove I’m a person every day”
Sharon Agathon, A Measure of Salvation

Az egyetlen dolog, ami emészthetővé tette ezt a kétrészest, az Michael Angeli írása, aki bármelyik karaktert bármilyen helyzetben képes lelkileg szénné elemezni, hogy aztán olyan mondatokat adjon a szájába, amiktől letesszük a hajunkat. 

“I have to prove [I’m a person] every day. Let me tell you something, Helo. My people may die. My entire race may be wiped out. But this Cylon will keep her word, even if it means she’s the last Cylon left in the universe. Can a human being do that?”

“We’re all soldiers. We’re expendable”
Saul Tigh, Hero

David Eick megszenvedett a Heróval, nem tudott értelmes szöveget írni Tigh-nak, ami megmagyarázta volna az epizód befejezését. Ron Moore ugrott a helyére, és olyat alkotott, hogy egy évig azt hittük, Eick jó író. A beszéd nemcsak Bulldog helyzetével, hanem az ezredes Új-Caprica utáni sorsával is rezonál, amitől ez a filler epizód végül igazán fontosnak bizonyult. 

“You don’t wanna believe it, do you? I know. The truth hurts, Bulldog, but it’s better to know the truth than to live a lie. We’re all soldiers, Danny. We’re all expendable. And we did what we had to do to protect the mission. It’s ugly, but there it is. The Cylons let you go. The question is why? Ask yourself that, Danny. Because up until a minute ago, you were doing exactly what they wanted you to do. Come here and learn the truth and seek revenge. And that’s exactly what you did. You almost gave them what they wanted. 

Tell you a dirty little secret: The toughest part of getting played is losing your dignity. Feeling like you are not worth the oxygen you are sucking down. You get used to it. You start to believe it. You start to love it. It’s like a bottle that never runs dry. You can keep reaching for it over and over and over again.” 

“The nexus between man and machine”
Hibrid, The Passage

Szinte minden epizódban előfordult, hogy az írók némi meglepetést csempésztek a cylonok hibridjének beszédébe — naná, ki bírná megállni? –, Jane Espenson például ezzel a mondattal rombolta le a negyedik falat. 

“Throughout history the nexus between man and machine has spun some of the most dramatic, compelling and entertaining fiction.” 

“This trial is going to bring the entire Fleet down”
Tom Zarek, The Woman King

Az alelnök egészen pontosan megjósolta Baltar tárgyalásának következményeit, ami nem csoda, hiszen az írók már rég tudták, merre akarják elvinni az évadot. Mégis ütős ez a kirohanás, amelyben Richard Hatch ismét parádézik, nem mellesleg ez egy remek módja annak, hogy holmi flash-forwardok nélkül belengessük az izgalmakat.

“Listen to me, Baltar will get his trial. And this is what you’ll get. A hurricane. The media will descend on you and watch and scrutinize and question your every move. You will have sectarian violence. You will have assassination attempts. You will have civil unrest on a scale we’ve never seen. Work, labor, everyday routine in this Fleet will come to a complete halt. This trial is going to bring the entire Fleet down. 


A hurricane, Laura. If I were you, I’d declare martial law during the trial. You’re gonna need a lot more than a little patience to survive. I’m here if you need me.” 

“This case is built on emotion”
Lee Adama, Crossroads II.

Minden beszédek királya. Hosszúságra és tartalomra egyaránt. Valószínűleg ezt néztem meg a legtöbbször a Battlestar Galactica összes jelenete közül, és még mindig odavagyok érte. Jamie Bamber majdnem kizárólag Michael Rymer vezetése alatt alakít nagyokat, ez az ötperces beszéd is ennek az ékes bizonyítéka. A hangjátéka, a mozdulatai, minden nagyon a helyén van. A “where do I begin” résznél mindig összeszorul a gyomrom, az “I’m the traitor, I’m forgiven”-től pedig már írás közben is könnyek szöknek a szemembe. Hiába no, hüppögős típus vagyok.

“Did the defendant make mistakes? Sure, he did. Serious mistakes. But did he actually commit any crimes? Did he commit treason? No. I mean, it was an impossible situation. When the Cylons arrived, what could he possibly do? What could anyone have done? I mean, ask yourself, what would you have done? What would you have done? If he had refused to surrender, the Cylons would’ve probably nuked the planet right then and there. So did he appear to cooperate with the Cylons? Sure. So did hundreds of others. What’s the difference between him and them?

The President issued a blanket pardon. They were all forgiven. No questions asked. Colonel Tigh. Colonel Tigh used suicide bombers, killed dozens of people. Forgiven. Lieutenant Agathon and Chief Tyrol. They murdered an officer on the Pegasus. Forgiven. The Admiral? The Admiral instituted a military coup d’etat against the President. Forgiven. 

And me? Well, where do I begin? I shot down a civilian passenger ship, the Olympic Carrier. Over a thousand people on board. Forgiven. I raised my weapon to a superior officer, committed an act of mutiny. Forgiven. And then on the very day when Baltar surrendered to those Cylons, I, as Commander of Pegasus, jumped away. I left everybody on that planet alone, undefended, for months! I even tried to persuade the Admiral never to return. To abandon you all there for good. If I’d had my way, nobody would’ve made it off that planet. I’m the coward. I’m the traitor. I’m forgiven. 

I’d say we’re very forgiving of mistakes. We make our own laws now, our own justice. We’ve been pretty creative at finding ways to let people off the hook for everything from theft to murder. And we’ve had to be. Because… Because we’re not a civilization anymore. We are a gang. And we’re on the run. And we have to fight to survive. We have to break rules. We have to bend laws. We have to improvise. But not this time, no. Not this time. Not for Gaius Baltar. No. You, you have to die. You have to die, because… Well, because we don’t like you very much. Because you’re arrogant. Because you’re weak. Because you’re a coward. And we the mob, we want to throw you out the airlock because you didn’t stand up to the Cylons, and get yourself killed in the process. That’s justice now. You should’ve been killed back on New Caprica, but since you had the temerity to live, we’re gonna execute you now. That’s justice!

This case… This case is built on emotion. on anger, bitterness, vengeance. But most of all, it is built on shame. It’s about the shame of what we did to ourselves back on that planet. And it’s about the guilt of those of us who ran away. Who ran away. And we are trying to dump all that guilt and all that shame onto one man, and then flush him out the airlock and hope that that just gets rid of it all. So that we can live with ourselves. But that won’t work. That won’t work. That’s not justice. Not to me. Not to me.

“A species worth saving”
Doyle Franks bírónő, Crossroads II.

Még csak a második idézetnél járunk a Crossroadsból, de már kezdhetjük érteni, miért ért el olyan jó helyezést ez az epizód a szavazásokon. Michael Hogan felesége ugyan alig szerepelt, de többek közt a tárgyalás verdiktjének kihirdetése előtti rövid beszéde is tehet arról, hogy ennyire emlékezetes maradt a karaktere. Nem tudom, mennyire újdonság a mondanivalója, de abban a helyzetben ez a pár sor nagyon találó volt.

“Like everything human, justice is imperfect. It’s flawed. But it’s those very imperfections that separates us from the machines and maybe even makes us a species worth saving.” 

“My name is Saul Tigh”
Saul Tigh, Crossroads II.

Michael Hogan emlékezetes alakítása tette igazán hatásossá ezeket az egyszerű szavakat, amelyek egyszersmind deklarálták az ezredes személyiségének, karakterességének lényegét. Nincs mit hozzátenni, nem is Galactica-rajongó az, aki ezt a pár sort nem tudja fejből.

“My name is Saul Tigh. I am an officer in the Colonial Fleet. Whatever else I am, whatever else it means, that’s the man I want to be. And if I die today, that’s the man I’ll be.”

“If you want someone to suffer, take me”
Gaius Baltar, He That Believeth in Me

Gaius Baltar, a prófétának felcsapott tudósból lett politikus és népvezér beszédeinek hosszú sora következik most, amelyek tartalmilag ugyan alig-alig különböznek, mégis érdekessé teszi őket a kontextus, és jó látni az írók különböző stílusának eltéréseit. Nem is fűzök hozzájuk külön kommentárt, a sorok magukért beszélnek.

“Please, God. I’m only asking you this one last time. Don’t let this child die. Has he sinned against you? He can’t have sinned against you. He’s not even had a life yet. How can you take him and let me live? After all I’ve done. Really, if you want someone to suffer, take me. We both know I deserve it. I have been selfish and weak. I have failed so many people. And I have killed. I’m not asking for your forgiveness. I’m just asking that you spare the life of this innocent child. Don’t take him. Take me.” 

“The truth is we are all perfect”
Gaius Baltar, Escape Velocity

“I’m not a priest. I’ve never even been a particularly good man. I have, in fact, been a profoundly selfish man. But that doesn’t matter, you see. Something in the universe loves me. Something in the universe loves the entity that is me. I will choose to call this something “God.” A singular spark that dwells in the soul of every living being. If you look inside yourself, you will find this spark too. You will. But you have to look. Deep. 

Love your faults. Embrace them. If God embraces them, then how can they be faults? Love yourself. You have to love yourself. If we don’t love ourselves, how can we love others? 

And when we know what we are, then we can find the truth out about others. See what they are. The truth about them. 

And you know what the truth is, the truth about them…

…About you. About me. Do you? The truth is we are all perfect, just as we are. God only loves that which is perfect, and he loves you.

He loves you because you are perfect. You are perfect just as you are. We are all perfect just as we are.”

“I have committed unconscionable crimes”
Gaius Baltar, The Road Less Travelled

“Look, uh, Chief. I’m … I’m here to ask for your forgiveness. About my presumption earlier. You were right, you know. I hardly knew your wife. I’m sorry. Would you mind if I… just, um… I know it’s hard to… make sense of things sometimes. In my own life, I… In my own life, I joined the Fleet as a scientist, as a skeptic, as supposedly a man of reason. Only to have fate turn that all on its head. But I understand now that there is a purpose to it. We change. We evolve. Maybe we even learn something along the way. 

I have committed… Unconscionable crimes. And I have been offered one last chance at redemption. Because I chose to accept my fate, not fight it anymore. I’m so sorry for your loss, Chief. She was a very beautiful woman, your wife. I’m also told quite spiritual. You know, I don’t expect you to believe me, but… I would very much like to have known her better.”

“We have arrived… at Earth”
William Adama, Revelations

David Weddle és Bradley Thompson ismét azt bizonyítják, hogy az egyszerű szavakkal, a tömörséggel milyen érzelmi hatást lehet elérni. A rövid beszéd, a hozzá kapcsolódó képsorok és természetesen a zene együtt gondoskodnak arról, hogy akkor is átérezzük a legénység eufóriáját, ha pontosan tudjuk, mi vár rájuk a Föld felszínén. Én máig képes vagyok együtt örülni Leevel, Roslinnal és Figurskivel, ami azért nem semmi teljesítmény egy sorozattól.

“Crew of Galactica… People of the fleet… This is Admiral Adama. Three years ago, I promised to lead you to a new home. We’ve endured a difficult journey. We’ve all lost, we’ve all suffered, and the truth is I questioned whether this day would ever come. But today, our journey is at an end. We have arrived… at Earth.”

“We are now free to go where we want to go”
Lee Adama, Sometimes a Great Notion

Lee Adama beszédét csupán úgy halljuk, hogy Duallának ismétli el, ami egy egészen más színezetet ad az egésznek, mégis el kell ismerni, hogy néhány remekbeszabott mondatot hallhatunk a sokat megélt képviselőtől. Persze legbelül tudjuk, hogy csak ügyes retorika az egész.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we now have a choice. We can either view this as a catastrophe or an opportunity. I, Lee Adama… ex-acting president, former commander of the obliterated Battlestar Pegasus, Apollo to my friends, I choose the latter. We’re no longer enslaved by the ramblings of Pythia. No longer pecking at the breadcrumbs of the Thirteenth Tribe. We are now free to go where we want to go… and be who we want to be.”

“I don’t want to be human!”
John Cavil, No Exit

A beszédek királya jelzőt már elhasználtam Lee vallomásánál, ezért most igen nagy gondban vagyok a szuperlatívuszokkal. Ez a beszéd — a “szupernóva-beszéd”, ahogy magamban hívom –, sci-fi történeti jelentőségű, ezt mindmáig tartom. Dean Stockwell Emmy-díjat érdemlően alakít, ahogy fortyogva, megvetően beszél az emberi mivoltáról, ahogy az “I’m a machine” közben néz, ahogy a “flowing over me” résznél gesztikulál, és még lehetne sorolni, de a helyzet az, hogy ennek a beszédnek minden mondata, minden tagmondata, de még a szóválasztása is brilliáns. A szöveg fogalmazása, a találékonysága, a mondanivalója egyaránt gyönyörű, amire talán egyetlen író képes az egész stábból, és ez Ronald D. Moore. A legszebben megírt monológok képzeletbeli dobogóján egyértelműen ott a helye a szupernóva-beszédnek.

“In all your travels, have you ever seen a star supernova? Well, I have. I saw a star explode and send out the building blocks of the universe. Other stars, other planets, and eventually, other life. A supernova. Creation itself. I was there. I wanted to see it. And be part of the moment. And you know how I perceived one of the most glorious events in the universe? With these ridiculous gelatinous orbs in my skull. With eyes designed to perceive only a tiny fraction of the EM spectrum. With ears designed only to hear vibrations in the air.


I don’t want to be human! I want to see gamma rays. I want to hear X-rays. And I want to… I want to smell dark matter. Do you see the absurdity of what I am? I can’t even express these things properly because I have to… I have to conceptualize complex ideas in this stupid limiting spoken language. But I know I want to reach out with something other than these prehensile paws and feel the solar wind of a supernova flowing over me. I’m a machine. And I could know much more. I could experience so much more. But I’m trapped in this absurd body. And why? Because my five creators thought that God wanted it that way.”

“The perfect world”
Sam Anders, Daybreak I.

A hibrid-monológok nem titkoltan az írók kedvelt eszközei volt arra, hogy az agyuk kreatív részében keletkezett mellékterméket kiürítsék. A többségüket valószínűleg nem tudnák megmagyarázni, hogy milyen gondolati síkon keletkeztek, mégis kisültek belőlük néha olyan csodásan megfogalmazott darabok, mint Sam Anders szavai a Daybreakben, közvetlenül azután, hogy megismertük, miért is szeretett igazán sportolni. 

“Spins and turns, angles and curves. The shape of dreams, half remembered. Slip the surly bonds of earth and touch the face of perfection – a perfect face, perfect lace. Find the perfect world for the end of Kara Thrace. End of line.” 

A BSG 67 legjobb dialógusa (49-67)

A negyedik évad második fele egymagában kitett egy egész bejegyzést,
ami bizonyára betudható a frissebb élményeknek is, de a tovább mögött
rejlő tartalom szerintem meggyőző arról, hogy ebben a tíz részben
mennyire kitettek magukért az írók. Az átlagosnál egyébként is több
dialógust hallhattunk, de a többségüket olyan szépen megírva,
amilyennek ritkán találkozni tévében. Ron Moore szavai a Disquiet
Follows My Soulból aranyat érnek, Michael Angeli a Blood on the
Scalesben vésett az emlékezetünkbe felejthetetlen párbeszédeket, és még
sorolhatnánk, minden epizódból akár hármat. Ne lepődjetek meg, ha
egy-egy nagy kedvencet nem találtok itt, valószínűleg a monológ
kategóriába ejtettük át őket, ha pedig nem, akkor "thanks for the
input" mindenkinek. 


Sometimes a Great Notion

I think we should have that little heart to heart you've been pining for. Sit down, Cylon.

Looks like you've got a head start on me, Bill.
Adama: And it looks like you still don't know when to shut your frakkin' mouth and follow orders.
Tigh: Bill, I am so sorry that I didn't have the guts to tell you when I first found out.
Adama: Frak you! You got no guts. You're a frakkin' machine. Is that how it worked? They program you to be my friend? Emulate… all the qualities I respect. Tell me jokes… and I'd laugh at them.
Tigh: Bill… I was your friend because I chose to be. I wanted to be.
Adama: Ah, Ellen. Yeah, you know, Ellen was smarter than I gave her credit for.
Tigh: Don't go there, Bill.
Adama: Smarter than me. She knew from the beginning that there was something wrong with you. That's why she went around frakkin' half the colonial fleet.
Tigh: Shut your mouth!
Adama: Searching out, trying to find a man who had real blood in his main vein.
Tigh: Shut your frakkin' mouth!
Adama: She came on to me once. Like a dog in heat, I could smell. I could smell it… she smelled so good.
Go on, do it, do it, do it! Or I will. Go on, go on. Do it. Go on.
Tigh: Oh, my Gods. That's why you came here. To do this. You haven't got the frakkin' guts to do it yourself. I'm sorry, Bill. This is one time I can't help you. I think we've both had enough.
Adama: Did I ever tell you about my summers with my uncle when I was a kid? Foxes… would attack his henhouse all the time. Really pissed him off. He'd wake me up. We'd go with his hounds at night up into the hills looking for the fox. When the dogs smelled the scent, they'd go crazy. The pack would become a team. Forced the fox… toward the river.
Tigh: So what would the foxes do?
Adama: Half would turn and fight. The other half would try to swim across. But my uncle told me about a few that… They'd swim halfway out, turn with the current, and ride it all the way out to sea. Fishermen would find them a mile offshore just… swimming.
Tigh: Because they wanted to drown.
Adama: Maybe. Or maybe they were just… tired.
Tigh: Well, godsdamn it, Bill. We can't swim out to sea. I am the XO of this ship. You are the commanding officer. How is putting a bullet in your head gonna help Dee? It is sure as frak isn't gonna help all the others who are thinking about doing the same godsdamn thing. And what are they gonna do without the old man here to lead them?
Adama: Lead them where, Saul?

A Disquiet Follows My Soul

Tigh: I still don't see anything.
Cottle: Try looking with your eyes… eye.
Ishay: Here, Colonel. See, this is the head, shoulder, and there's a little hand.
Tigh: I'll be damned.
Six: It's our baby, Saul. Our baby.
Tigh: I need a drink.
Cottle: Here, next best thing.
Ishay: That's a lot of smoking around a pregnant lady.
Cottle: She'll live.

Gaeta: Captain Thrace.
Kara: Whatever it is, I'm not in the mood, Felix.
Gaeta: Oh, so you think I should give a frak about your mood.
Kara: Okay, let's have it.
Gaeta: You tried to throw me out an airlock.
Kara: Still crying about that?
Gaeta: The charges at the time were collaborating with an enemy in a time of war.
Kara: Waiting for the punch line.
Gaeta: It turns out the jury that convicted me was made of two Cylons and a woman married to a Cylon.
Kara: Rim shot! Big laugh, applause, applause, applause. Are we done? Oh, no, wait. I'm sorry, I forgot. We haven't gotten to the leg yet. 50 billion people are dead, and I'm supposed to give a frak about your leg?
Gaeta: Who killed those 50 billion people?
Kara: It wasn't me.
Gaeta: No, it was your husband.
Kara: Are you enjoying yourself? Is this how you get your kicks these days? Oh wait, I'm sorry. I meant half-kicks. 
Gaeta: What was Sam doing on Caprica before he so conveniently met you? You ever wonder? You think maybe he… nuked a few cities? Executed a few thousand prisoners? I'm just wondering. Well, then again, maybe you're a Cylon too.
Kara: At least I'm not a gimp.
Gaeta: One day, one day soon, there's gonna be a reckoning, Kara. And once again people are gonna
have to answer for what they've done.
Kara: Is that a threat?
Gaeta: You're godsdamn right that's a threat.
Kara: Well, you know where to find me, Felix. And in case you're wondering, I will definitely hit a cripple. Or anyone else.
Kara: So I guess a pity frak's out of the question then?

Roslin: It's a big ship.
Adama: You ran the whole route?
Roslin: Half. It's more than I've run in… a long time.
Adama: You're flushed. You look good.
Roslin: Thank you.
Adama: You're not supposed to look good. You're supposed to be in sickbay with a tube in your arm.
Roslin: Changed my mind.
Adama: Like hell. You never intended to go.
Roslin: Caught. Send me to the brig. I can run there.
Adama: Cottle says you're experiencing a moment of euphoria as your body recovers from the toxicity of the treatments.
Roslin: So much for Doctor-patient confidentiality.
Adama: Well, the President's health is a security issue.
Roslin: My resignation will be on your desk in the hour.
Adama: I'm not gonna hand the presidency over to Tom Zarek.
Roslin: Then the status quo will have to do.
Adama: Stop it. Listen, we need you. Zarek's got the Quorum in an uproar. The press is going crazy. The government is spinning out of control. Now… we need you.
Roslin: Take your hands off me, Bill. I've played my role in this farce. "A dying leader will guide the people to the… blah-blah-blah frakkin… blah-blah." I've been there. I've done that. Now what? Is there another role that I have to play for the rest of my life? Do you remember what we said on new Caprica? How we talked about trying to live for today? Well, you better think about that, because… maybe tomorrow really isn't coming. Maybe today is all we have left. And maybe… Just maybe… I've earned the right to live a little before I die. Haven't I? What do you think? Haven't I?
Adama: Yes, you've earned it.
Roslin: I have. Well, guess what. So have you. Now get out of my way.

The Oath

Admiral Adama, I am removing you from command of this ship. I am taking you into custody on the charge of treason.

You swore an oath when you put that uniform on. You pledged to defend this ship and her crew.
Gaeta: You swore the same allegiance. What happened to your oath? For seven years, I have done my frakking job and for what? To take orders from a Cylon? To let machines network our ship? No, you… You are not the leader that you were when we started. You're just a sad, old man that has let his heart and his affection for a Cylon cloud his judgment.
Adama: I want you all to understand this! If you do this… there will be no forgiveness. No amnesty. This boy… died honoring his uniform. You… You'll die with nothing.

Blood on the Scales

I never agreed to this!

Yes, you did.

No, this is murder!
Zarek: This is a coup. That you began. To take command and destroy our enemies, before they destroy us.
Gaeta: What've you done?
Zarek: This… is what happens.
Gaeta: No, it's a lie. This is all based on lies. Don't you get it? We had the truth on our side, now… Now…
Zarek: The truth is told by whoever is left standing. Adama has to go. There's no turning back now.

Zarek: This is Tom Zarek, President of the Twelve Colonies. It's over, Laura. Saul Tigh was killed attempting to escape. Bill Adama was tried and found guilty of his crimes. A firing squad executed him this morning. It's done, Laura. You need to think about the people of this fleet and surrender.
Roslin: No… Not now… Not ever! Do you hear me?!I will use every cannon… every bomb… every bullet, every weapon I have down to my own eye teeth to end you! I SWEAR IT! I'M COMING FOR ALL OF YOU!

Suppose a long time ago, it was… architecture. There was a year there where I scribbled floor plans on everything. Dining room table, patio tiles, rare books… Drove my parents crazy.

How old were you?
Gaeta: I don't know, eight, maybe nine. I tell you one thing, though, I had some frakking amazing ideas. Restaurants shaped like food. And top-heavy buildings, and stairways, everything had to have a stairway. Spoils of war. When I was older, then it became… medicine and… engineering, photography. I think I would've made a better architect than any of those, though. And then, I discovered science. And I… I thought I was really, really good at it. Until I met you.
Baltar: Felix…
Gaeta: Don't. And please, no religion. I'm fine with how things have worked out. Really, Gaius, I am. I… I just hope… I hope that… people realize, eventually… who I am.
Baltar: I know who you are, Felix. I know who you are.

No Exit

Hello, John.

I don't care for that name. I think you know that.
Ellen: I named you after my father.
Cavil: And you made me in his image. Thanks a million for that.
Ellen: I'd love a drink, John. If it's not too much trouble.
Cavil: I take it you're here because things didn't go very well down on New Caprica with you and the mister?
Ellen: I betrayed the resistance, and he poisoned me.
Cain: Nothing like true love.

He did what he thought was right. That's all any man can do.
Cavil: He's not a man.
Ellen: As someone with first-hand knowledge, I beg to differ.
Cavil: He's a machine. So are you.
Ellen: I think that depends on how you define things.
Cavil: Your ancestors didn't crawl up out of the swamp. Personally, I'm rather proud of that.
Ellen: You really haven't changed at all, have you?
Cavil: On the contrary, I've made vast improvements. You'd be astonished.
Ellen: And yet, you're still the same confused and petulant little boy I loved so dearly all those years ago. It's sad. I had such high hopes for you.
Cavil: And I for you. Unfortunately, it appears you still stick to delusional thinking instead of accepting the reality of your life for what it is. Humans have a word for that, Ellen. Schizophrenia.
Ellen: You used my name, John. That's good. There's hope for you yet.
Cavil: We'll talk later.
Ellen: John. It's a bit cold in here.
Cavil: I'll get you some clothes. After all, I've seen it all before.


Angel Six:
Well, you didn't want to be king of the fools anymore.

No, the only thing worse than being leader of this lot… would be being one of them.
Angel Six: Did you really want to feed those people?
Baltar: I enjoyed it, actually. I did enjoy giving. I loved it, actually. The more I did it… Done it long enough, I'd have given them my heart.

Someone to Watch Over Me

My dad used to play.

So what's the story? He forced you to learn, and he was such a perfectionist, you grew to hate it?
Kara: No, I loved it… actually. He used to sit me next to him on the bench when he played. Smell of tobacco on his breath. He taught me a few songs. I used to try so hard to get 'em right. Not because I was afraid he'd get angry, but because I knew he'd be so proud. There was this one song that he taught me. It made me feel happy and sad all at the same time.
Slick: The best ones do.
Kara: How is it possible that I found my body and I'm still here? I mean, what am I? A ghost? A demon?
Slick: You're asking the wrong guy. I'm just a piano player.
Kara: When I was leading the fleet to Earth, everything seemed so clear. For the first time in my life, I knew what I was doing and why I was here. Now I'm just adrift again.
Slick: Listen, you may feel like hell. But sometimes lost is where you need to be. Just because you don't know your direction doesn't mean you don't have one.

Tyrol: Sure as hell.

We're all in hell.
Tyrol: Thanks for your input, Colonel.

Islanded in a Stream of Stars

I just ex… We just experienced something remarkable. Hera wrote the notes to a song. A song that my father used to play to me when I was a child. The same song that switched us on when we were in that nebula. The same song that led us to Earth. Something is happening here, something greater than all of us, and that little girl is in the middle of it. She's the key, sir.

In other words, it's our destiny to go after her, right? Wrong. I've had it up to here with destiny, prophecy, with God or the Gods. Look where it's left us. The ass end of nowhere, nearly half of our people are gone, Earth, a worthless cinder, and I can't even walk down the halls of my ship without wondering if I'm gonna catch a bullet for getting us into this mess.

We're alive, Bill. Four years ago, I wouldn't have taken odds on that.

You've never let me down, Saul. I can't blame you for… being what you are, especially since it includes being the finest officer and friend I've ever had. This ship never let us down, so we're gonna send her off in style.

So we're gonna do this?
Adama: She was a grand old lady.
Tigh: The grandest.
Adama: To Galactica, best ship in the fleet.
Tigh: To Galactica.

Daybreak I

Galactica has been more than our guardian. She's literally a vessel into which we
have poured all of our hopes and dreams. And when she's gone, when we can no longer derive the security from looking out a window and seeing her massive bulk gliding by, then this life will be over and a new life will have begun. A new life that requires a new way of thinking. Now, I am willing to do anything… anything I can to make this new life a good one. All I am asking is that my people have a voice in the government. I represent thousands of people. They deserve to be enfranchised just as much as anyone else. I'm not talking about myself. This is not for me personally. Come on, Lee. It makes sense. You know it's the right thing to do.

What I know… Is that in all the years that I've known you, I've never seen you make one truly selfless act.
Baltar: Right.
Lee: Never seen you do something that didn't on some level serve the greater needs of Gaius frakking Baltar. So, no, I won't take your hand. And I won't bring you or any representative
from your movement into the government.
Baltar: Right. So that's what it boils down to. My people can't get representation because I personally haven't passed Lee Adama's selfless altruism test. I haven't been a goody-goody and won a badge of honor.
Lee: I don't think you've passed Gaius Baltar's test. Go ahead, look me in the eye and tell me about the time that you made a truly heroic act of conscience which helped you not even in the slightest. Tell me! I'll even believe you.
Baltar: You're right. I wouldn't trust me either.

Daybreak II

Thank you, Doctor.

I'm just doing my job.
Roslin: No. You've done much more than that. You've taken a patient who should've died years ago, and you've… given her a chance despite cancer, and the Cylons, and her own obstinate nature. And you've… You've given me the little time I have left, and for that you… You have my… my heartfelt gratitude and my thanks.
Cottle: Well, I… I don't know what to say.
Roslin: Don't. Don't spoil your image, just light a cigarette and go and grumble.

Lee: You know, my very earliest memory of my father was him flying away on a big plane. And wondering when he was coming back. He's not coming back this time.
Kara: No, he's not. Neither am I. Where are you going? I don't know. I just know that I'm done here. I've completed my journey and it feels good.
Kara: So what about you? What are you gonna do? Today is the first day
of the rest of your life, Lee.
Lee: Well… I always thought when this was all done I would… kick back. Relax. Spend the rest of my days doing the absolute minimum humanly possible.
Kara: And now that you're here?
Lee: I want to explore! I wanna climb the mountains. I wanna cross the oceans. I wanna… I can't believe I'm saying this. It sounds so exhausting. I must be crazy.

Lee: Good-bye, Kara. You won't be forgotten.  

I came across a grave a couple of clicks back and ran some tests. Their DNA is compatible with ours.

Meaning we can breed with them.

You got a one-track mind, Doc.
Baltar: What? Listen, I'm talking about the survival of the human race, actually. Not some get together with the natives.
Adama: You also have no sense of humor.

This thing is the key to my people's survival and I'm not leaving without it.

Hera's not a thing. She's a child. And she holds the key to humanity's survival as well.
Cavil: And how do you know that?
Baltar: I see angels. Angels in this very room. Now I may be mad. But that doesn't mean that I'm not right. Because there's another force at work here. There always has been. It's undeniable. We've all experienced it. Everyone in this room has witnessed events that they can't fathom, let alone explain away by rational means. Puzzles deciphered in prophecy. Dreams given to a chosen few. Our loved ones dead. Risen. Whether we wanna call that "God" or "Gods", or some sublime inspiration or a divine force that we can't know or understand, it doesn't matter… It doesn't matter. It's here. It exists. And our two destinies are entwined in its force.
Cavil: If that were true… and that's a big "if"… how do I know this force has our best interests in mind? How do you know that God is on your side, Doctor?
Baltar: I don't. God's not on any one side. God's a force of nature… beyond good and evil. Good and evil, we created those. And we'll break the cycle. Break the cycle of birth, death, rebirth, destruction, escape, death. Well, that's in our hands… and our hands only. Requires a leap of faith. Requires that we live in hope… not fear.
Cavil: If I leave you this girl, that means the destruction of my people. How does our extinction fit into this picture that you want us to believe in?

We'll give you resurrection.
Ellen: Saul!
Tigh: You give us Hera and we will give you resurrection. But the war ends here. You leave humanity in peace… and give up the pursuit now and for all time.
Cavil: Agreed.

How do we know we can take your word for it?
Cavil: You don't. You have to make a leap of faith.

A BSG 67 legjobb dialógusa (25-48)

A toplista második csokrában a második évadtól a negyedik évad közepéig
jutunk el, csupa személyes kedvencemmel. Tigh megnyilatkozásai
Új-Capricán minden idők legjobb idézetei között voltak, és tovább
folytatta a jó szokását a Galacticán is, amíg ki nem heverte a bolygón
szerzett élményeit. Aztán itt van nekünk Baltar fantasztikus vallomása
aeriloni származásáról, majd Romo Lampkin és Number Six beszélgetése a
fogdában, lélegzetelállító mindkettő. A negyedik évadból nehéz kiemelni
bármit is, hiszen hogyan lehetne választani Roslin és Adama vitája,
Tyrol kirohanása, Roslin és Emily beszélgetése vagy Tigh revelációja
közül? És ez még nem is minden. Jó olvasást!



Tyrol: This is crazy. You know, we need to figure out whose side we're on.
Tigh: Which side are we on? We're on the side of the demons, Chief. We are evil men in the gardens of paradise, sent by the forces of death to spread devastation and destruction wherever we go. I'm surprised you didn't know that.

What are you gonna do?

What I should've done a long time ago.
Lee: You can't do this. She's a Cylon.
Adama: Well, I trust her.
Lee: Well, that's a mistake.

Adama: Well, it'll be my mistake, won't it?
Lee: You are gambling with the lives of everyone on this ship. And everyone on my ship.
Adama: I don't need a lecture from you about the responsibilities of command. We're done here.
Lee: I'm not finished. This entire plan is a reckless gamble. And, yes,
you certainly have the right to risk the lives of the men and women
under your command. But that's not the issue. The issue is that you are
risking the lives of the entire human race.
Adama: I'm trying to save the human race.
Lee: No. No, you're not. That's what you're not seeing. Right now, the
human race? Well, that's the 2,000 people huddled in those civilian
ships that managed to get away when the Cylons came back. They're the
safe bet. They're the ones whose survival we should guard. Just like we
did after the attack on the Colonies.

Adama: Sharon can penetrate the Cylon defenses.
Lee: It's not about her.
Adama: The Centurions can't distinguish her from the other humanoid models. Did you know that?
Lee: Admiral.
Adama: They were deliberately programmed that way. The Cylons didn't want
them becoming self-aware and suddenly resisting orders. They didn't
want their own robotic rebellion on their hands. You can appreciate the
Lee: Dad. I know what you're sayin But we have a reonsibility. Remember
what Roslin said. Our first responsibility is to the survival of
humanity. We can't lose sight of that. Over t last year, wee…lost
sight of almost everything. We got soft. If we go back to New Caprica
now, and we lose, it's over. Humanity just stops. And an admiral's
stars don't give you the right to make that gamble.

Adama: You're right, son. You should make plans to resume the search for Earth with the Pegasus and the civilian fleet.
Lee: With Pegasus? What about Galactica?

Adama: I know why we left those people behind. And I know it was their
choice in the first place to be down there. And I realize that the
survival of the human race outweighs anything else. But this time… I
can't live with it. Can't face it. Maybe I'm a coward. But I'm going
Lee: Dad, you won't have a chance.

Adama: I'm going back, son.

I don't care that it's effective. I don't care that the
Cylons can't stop it. It's wrong. No more suicide bombings, Colonel.
You understand?

What, are you working for the Cylons now?
Roslin: (Pofon üti az ezredest.) I'm sorry. There's no excuse for that.

You see, little things like that, they don't matter anymore. In fact,
not too frakking much really matters anymore. I've got one job here,
lady, and one job only. To disrupt the Cylons. Make them worry about
the anthill they've stirred up down here so they're distracted and out
of position when the old man shows up in orbit. The bombings, they got
the Cylons' attention. They really got their attention, and I am not
giving that up.
Roslin: We are talking about people blowing themselves up.
Tigh: You know, sometimes I think that you've got ice water in those veins,
and other times I think you're just a naive little schoolteacher. I've
sent men on suicide missions in two wars now. And let me tell you
something. It don't make a godsdamn bit of difference whether they're
riding in a Viper or walking out onto a parade ground. In the end,
they're just as dead. So take your piety and your moralizing and your
high-minded principles and stick 'em someplace safe until you're off
this rock and you're sitting in your nice cushy chair on Colonial One
again. I've got a war to fight.

Exodus I.

Adama: I'll see you at the rendezvous point.
Lee: Eighteen hours. Try not to be late. 
Adama: I'm getting old; I'm a little slow, but I'll be there.
Lee: Gods, I wish I could talk you out of this…
Adama: You can't. You tried.
Lee: You know, Dad, um…
Adama: Don't. Don't make me cry on my own hangar deck.

Exodus II.

Adama: I guess you didn't understand my orders.

I never could read your handwriting.

Adama: You did it. You brought 'em home, Saul.

Not all of them.


You gotta be kidding. Who gave this man permission to enter the CIC?

Admiral's orders, sir. communications took some serious hits
during the rescue,and Mr. Gaeta's offered to help with the repairs.
Tigh: Well,isn't that nice. Man can turn his coat, collaborate with the
enemy, contribute to the deaths of thousands. But the old man needs his
phones fixed, and suddenly, all is forgiven.
Helo: Cylons find us, we're gonna need every hand we've got.
Tigh: The cylons found us, Mr. Agathon. Your friend Gaeta was on the
welcoming committee. Hey! Look at me. Long as you're here, maybe you
can help me out. I'm missing something. I lost it in detention. Since
you're so buddy-buddy with the cylons maybe you know where it is. How
'bout it? Do you know where my eye is?

Tigh: Admiral.
Adama: Back to work. Walk with me. 
Tigh: Yeah.
Adama: They have a lot of work in the next couple of
weeks. I need you to get some sleep. Get rested and get ready, all right?
Tigh: Oh, I'm ready right now. I may be a little rough around the edges,
but I can still hold my own. And you can tell that toaster-lover over
there that I am still the XO of this ship!
Adama: Let's go.
Tigh: Get your hands off me.
Adama: You're embarrassing yourself,saul.
Tigh: No, you're the one that should be embarrassed. Letting one of Baltar's henchman walk around like nothing's happened.
Adama: Go sleep this off. That's an order.
Tigh: Oh, yeah. Just go to sleep. Forget about it all and just forget about
everything. Well, I'm not forgetting. I'm not gonna forget.


Stay in your seat.

Have a drink?
Adama: Give me your sidearm.
Kara: What?
Adama: Your sidearm.
Tigh: Hey, there's a live round in that.
Adama: Now one of you, and I don't care who, pick that weapon up and shoot me.
Kara: Admiral, I don't know…
Adama: I didn't say to talk. You've done enough of that already. I said to
pick up that weapon,and shoot. What's the matter? No guts? You don't
got a pair? You're both frakking cowards.
Tigh: Watch your mouth.
Adama: Or what? You going to turn the rest of my pilots against each other?
Poison the crew? You've already done that, Saul. Both of you.
Kara: Yeah, well, if you're looking for an apology, it isn't gonna happen.
Adama: You were like a daughter to me once. No more. You're malcontented,
and a cancer. And I won't have you on my ship. So you have a choice.
You figure out how to become a human being again, and an officer, or
you can find another place to live. Off of this ship. You're dismissed.
Tigh: Are you gonna kick me out of my chair too?
Adama: Listen, I know you've been through a lot.
Tigh: Don't patronize me. Say what you came here to say.
Adama: You're full of bile, hatred. And I know that it has something to do
with Ellen. And I'm sorry for that. And if you need time, Saul, well,
you take all the time you want. But I gotta run a ship. The last thing
I need is a one-eyed drunk sitting down here sowing discontent,
disobedience. So I'll tell you once again, Saul. You can pick up that
weapon and kill me… or you can get your ass back into your quarters,
and not leave… until you're ready to act like the man that I've known
for the past 30 years.
Tigh: That man doesn't exist anymore, Bill. And you won't be seeing me again.

A Measue of Salvation

Angel Six: Look at me, look at me Gaius! Do you want me to believe you're worth saving? Do you? Do you? Say it!
Baltar: I want you to believe in me! Don't stop! Don't stop! Please, please don't stop! You have to believe in me, you're all I have left!
Angel Six: Now tell me, you believe in me. Tell me you believe in my strength!
Baltar: I believe in you! I believe in you! I love you. I love you with all my heart… I love you with all my heart…


The Eye of Jupiter

Number Three: The weapons are hardly necessary.
Cavil: Yes. Exactly. We come in peace.

Dirty Hands

Tyrol: It's true that you're a farm boy from Aerilon?
Baltar: Yes, it is, as a matter of fact. I was born and raised on a dairy outside the town of Cuffle's Breath Wash on Aerilon.
Tyrol: Why do I have such a hard time picturing you milking cows and shoveling manure?
Baltar: Lack of imagination.
Tyrol: Or maybe that your little tale is manure. I've known people from Aerilon. You don't… sound anything like them.
Baltar: I don't sound like I'm from Aerilon?
Tyrol: No.
Baltar: Well, you know, I take that as a particular compliment. I don't know about you, but I've always found the Aerilon dialect to be particularly hard on the ears. Something about the consonants that scrape the back of the throat. Of course, I should know an awful lot about my native tongue. I spent hours on end trying to overcome it. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a ten-year-old boy to change the way he speaks, to unlearn everything he ever learned so that one day– One day, there might be the small hope… that he might be considered as not coming from Aerilon? Maybe, I don't know– Caprica. Caprican. Oh, to be Caprican. Seat of politics, culture, art, science, learning. And what was Aerilon?? Just a drab… ugly rock, condemned to be the… food basket for the 12 worlds. And that's how we were treated. Like… servants, like laborers, like working class. You know, you'd have fitted right in there, Chief? Lots of men who liked to work with their hands, and… grab a pint down at the pub, and finish off the evening with a good old-fashioned fight. Oh, yes. I left Aerilon after my 18th birthday. I turned my back on my family… on my heritage. All of them. Of course it doesn't matter– that. They're all dead now. 
Tyrol: You do realize that none of that exists here.
Baltar: Coming from the mouth of a mechanic.
Tyrol: We've kept democracy. We have government, we have rights, we have elections–
Baltar: Well, then you should feel perfectly happy, shouldn't you?? Perfectly at ease. Go home. Leave me in peace. After all, that's what the aristocracy wants. It wants the working class to feel looked after while they scrabble around for scraps from the master's table. A question I ask at the end of my book. I'll save you the trouble of reading it. Do you honestly believe that the fleet will ever be commanded by somebody whose last name is not Adama? There it is, Chief. One set of rules for the aristocracy, and one set of rules for the rest of us.



Leoben: See there's nothing terrible about death, when you finally face it, it's beautiful. You're free now, to become who you really are.
Starbuck: You're not Leoben.
Leoben: I never said I was. I'm here to prepare you to pass through the next door, to discover what lies in the space between life and death.

The Son Also Rises

I understand that you had a romantic relationship with my client.

Gaius Baltar is a brilliant, gifted human being. In the time I've known him, he's made a sport out of mendacity and deception. He was narcissistic, self-centered, feckless, and vain. I'm the one who should have stabbed him.
Romo: Things are looking up. Love. Precocious evolutionary move, fashioning Cylons to be capable of experiencing it. I don't know if it was engineered as a tactical imperative, but… It's not for the faint-hearted, is it?
Six: No, it's not.
Romo: Maybe you should've been nicer to your mechanic. Perhaps Cylon love is not the same as human love. Perhaps it's designed to hurt a little less.
Six: How would you know?
Romo: I loved a woman. Beautiful, beautiful woman. But… so serious. This frowning face trapped in the middle of a daisy. She had a way of walking… processional. As if she were on her way to her own execution. We had ten years. Then it fell apart under its own weight.
Six: Is that what you wanted?
Romo: I thought if I could get over her, I could get over anything. I could endure, conquer, be a man, stand up to any and all kind of punishment. I clung to an empty, spinning bed for months. And that…That is when I finally realized how much I loved her. If I needed all that strength… What was the point? I needed to be with her.
Six: Did he… Ask about me? Gaius?
Romo: (Leveszi a szemüvegét.) He wanted to know if you were well. He wanted you to know that he misses you. Loves you. Because he can't be here to tell you… (Elővesz egy tollat.) He gave me this to give to you. He uses that at the risk of grave reprisal to express his feelings. To put his world into some kind of recognizable order. To be heard. He's kept it hidden because he knows he will not get another. He wants you to have it. Because without you it has no meaning. He wants you to have it because he would do anything, anything, to be with you again.
Six: Well, that's a shame, isn't it? Since they'll never let me keep it.
Romo: You understand that your days are owned and tallied by these people, the ones out there watching us. I think you realize what's likely to become of you. I couldn't help you if they paid me ten times what they offered me for Baltar. You won't get a trial. Not even a bad one. So… I have to ask you. Does your love hurt as much as mine?
Six: Yes.
Roslin: I feel like part of our world just fell down.


Crossroads I

You're calling me a liar?

I'm calling you a liar and a coward. One who doesn't have the guts to go after a man himself. Instead, you hand the shift to a stranger. And let him stab Tigh in the back. And for what? Traitorous piece of garbage Gaius Baltar. Doesn't even deserve a trial.
Lee: Are you done?
Adama: Yes.
Lee: Then so am I. I will not serve under a man who questions my integrity.
Adama: And I won't have an officer under my command who doesn't have any.
Lee: I'll see you in court, Admiral.

Crossroads II

What the frak?!

Hi, Lee.
Lee: Kara?
Kara: Don't freak out. It really is me. It's gonna be okay. I've been to Earth. I know where it is. And I'm gonna take us there.

Six of One

What were you doing? What were you thinking? What happened to you?

I saw… Earth. The shape of it, the smell of it. The feel of it on my skin in my pores. And I swear to you, it was like I'd been there before. Like I never left.
Adama: You're too stupid to figure out you just screwed over the one ally you had. You didn't have the guts to hold on. Tell me… Who's gonna help you?
Kara: Yeah, frak me, huh? It sure as hell isn't gonna be you. You've gotta remind yourself that you're somebody else. You're the President's wet nurse. You're the one who doesn't have the guts. Nice to know you still care, Admiral. We're going the wrong way!

Why did you come here?

Maybe it was a mistake. Well, I can't stop thinking about what's happened. You were found innocent when everyone hated you. I hated you. And this healed boy, the return of Kara Thrace… I mean, everyone thought she was dead.
Baltar: So perhaps there are miracles.
Tory: Perhaps. Thing is, somehow you seem to be at the center of them.
Baltar: Yes, I do, don't I? I don't understand myself, to be honest. Just… Well, it seems that God has chosen me to sing his song.
Tory: A song?
Baltar: Music. Did you say music? Yeah, you know, it's funny. It's a lot like that. It's… It's like the distant chaos of an orchestra tuning up. And then somebody waves a magic wand, and all of those notes start to slide into place. A grotesque, screeching cacophony becomes a single melody.

You gonna keep waltzing, or are you gonna sit down and talk? What's going on? Sit.

What if she's telling the truth? She was supposed to die out there. She didn't. I can't explain it. What if she was meant to help us? And this was a…
Roslin: A what? A miracle? Is that what you want to call this? Go ahead, say it. Grab your piece of the golden arrow. I want to hear Admiral Atheist say that a miracle happened.
Adama: You shot at her and you missed at close range.
Roslin: Doloxan fraks with your aim. 
Adama: So does doubt. 
Roslin: I pulled the trigger and I'd do it again. She put her life in front of a bullet as if it had no meaning. You drop an egg, you reach for another.
Adama: Maybe convincing you meant more to her than her own life.
Roslin: Is that your miracle? You want to talk about miracles? The very same day that a very pale doctor informed me that I had terminal cancer, most of humanity was annihilated, and I survived. And by some mathematical absurdity, I became President. And then my cancer disappeared long enough for us to find a way to Earth. You can call it whatever you want. And now I'm dying.
Adama: Don't talk that way.
Roslin: You've gotta face this. My life is coming to an end soon enough, and I am not going to apologize to you for not trusting her. And I am not… I am not going to trust her with the fate of this fleet. You are so buckled up inside… You can't take any more loss. Your son's leaving… This, me… I know it.
Adama: No one's going anywhere.
Roslin: Okay… Here's the truth. This is what's going on. You want to believe Kara. You would rather be wrong about her and face your own demise than risk losing her again.
Adama: You can stay in the room, but get out of my head.
Roslin: You're so afraid to live alone.
Adama: And you're afraid to die that way. You're afraid that you may not be the dying leader you thought you were. Or that your death may be as meaningless as everyone else's.

Escape Velocity

Hey, Chief. We all miss her, Chief. I understand if you need some time off. Or even if you might need more shifts to keep yourself busy. No one knows how they're going to react
to loss like this, or what they're gonna need.
Roslin: I don't need special treatment.

Head Adama:
I guess she just couldn't take it, huh? Being married to a Cylon? Being the mother of a half-breed abomination?
Adama: She was a good woman.

If you really believe that, you wouldn't have threatened to stick her up against a bulkhead and shoot her. It's okay, though. I thought about doing it many times myself. Believe me.
Adama: Chief…
Tyrol: How many of us ended up with the people we really wanted to be with? Got stuck with the best of limited options? And why? Because the ones we really want, the really loved, were dead, dying, turned out to be Cylons and they didn't know. If Boomer had… if I had known…
Adama: Listen, let's…
Tyrol: No.
Adama: Let's go. Come on.
Tyrol: No. I didn't know.
Adama: Let's go.
Tyrol: I didn't know. So I buried my head in the sand and I took it and I settled! I settled for that shriek, those dull vacant eyes, the boiled cabbage stench of her. And why? Because this is my life! This is the life I picked. And it's fine, but you know what? It's not. I didn't pick this life. This is not my frakkin' life.
Adama: What the hell's gotten into you? Don't do this. Don't do this to her memory.
Tyrol: You know what? I'm sorry if I'm not gonna do this the way you want me to, or the way you might. But I will not make an angel out of someone who wasn't an angel. But I can see you have. And now you've come down here to be in my club, but you're not in my club. You don't know what frakkin' club I'm in 'cause you never asked the right questions.
Adama: Chief, let's get out of here.
Tyrol: No. Why don't you go? Take care of your precious ship.
Adama: Stop it. Stop all of this. If you don't, I'm gonna have to act on it. Shut up.
Tyrol: Great! Do it! Please! For the love of Gods, please demote me. Get me off your frakkin' ship!
Adama: Specialist Tyrol, I want you off my hangar deck before you endanger another pilot. You're to report to Petty Officer Bassom tomorrow morning at 0600 for reassignment. Do you understand?


But this god that Baltar refers to, it is the Cylon god. You know that, don't you?

If he's the one and true God, he belongs to all of us. Otherwise, he's not much of a god, is he?
Roslin: Exactly, he isn't much of a god. He's a fantasy.
Emily: Oh, Laura. And the Lords of Kobol are real. Reigning from a metaphysical mountaintop in those silly outfits. Zeus handing out fates out of an urn like… like they were lottery tickets. "You're gonna work on a tylium ship. You're gonna be an admiral. Your family's gonna be evaporated in an attack on the Colonies, but you'll survive for three more years in a moldy compartment on a freighter till your body starts to eat itself up alive." Those are the gods that you worship? Capricious, vindictive.
Roslin: But they're not meant to be taken literally. They're metaphors, Emily.
Emily: I don't need metaphors. I need answers.
Roslin: You're like my mother. She wasn't satisfied with metaphors either. She was convinced that Aphrodite herself was gonna swoop her away when she died, and she believed it. Even after the Doloxan and the radiation failed to stop her cancer. She was a teacher. She was a… She was something to behold in… At the head of a classroom. And her students… Her students loved her. They… they'd walk through fire for her. And then you see this woman who… seemed so… eternal, she… withered away, and I find myself having to change her diaper because she couldn't even… And at the moment she died, there was no gleaming fields of Elysium stretched out before her. There was this… dark… black abyss. And she was just terrified. She was so scared. I'm sorry.
Emily: Laura. Laura. You were terrified. You saw only darkness. You can't possibly know what your mother experienced. You're… you're still searching.

Sine Qua Non

Romo: Admiral Adama?

Mr. Lampkin, what are you doing here?
Romo: Writs of forfeiture for the ships you're borrowing. The captains want to be absolved of any blame, should anything untoward happen. One of the less ennobling consequences of a legal culture. No one wants responsibility. Lee said you once gave him something, before a mission. A lighter, was it?
Adama: Belonged to my father. Foolish to think a hunk of metal could keep him safe.
Romo: And yet, that's what we do, isn't it? Hang on to hope in every hopelessly irrational way that we can. But not like those poor bastards giving away their luck just when they need it most. It's like they've given up.
Adama: If you've never been in combat, you have no idea what they're thinking.
Romo: I always imagined you a realist, Admiral. Not one to indulge a vain hope at the cost of lives. But then… everyone has his limits. "Sine qua non", as they say.
Adama: Without which not.
Romo: Yes. Those things we deem essential without which you cannot bear living. Without which life in general loses its specific value, becomes abstract.
Adama: You may have a point, Counselor.
Romo: Then while I'm on a roll… Tom Zarek may not be an ideal President, but we could do worse.
Adama: You're right. There are limits to my realism. Goodbye, Counselor.

I know that you've been spending a lot of time interrogating the Six. But now, the brig guards tell me that every time, you order them out, and you turn off the cameras.

I'm not torturing her if that's what you're worried about.
Adama: I'm not. That I could almost understand. This I can't. Cottle tells me she's pregnant. What the frak have you been thinking, Colonel? Do you deny it? You don't. You can't! What the hell have you been thinking? Who is interrogating who? How many  secrets have you told this thing?
Tigh: How can you even ask me that? Question my loyalty?
Adama: Your loyalty? I need more than your loyalty. You're my first officer. I need judgment. I need your competence. I'm through jeopardizing this ship, because of your weaknesses. Yes, your weaknesses!
Tigh: You're risking all our lives for what? Our missing pilots? No, for a woman. For a frakkin' woman!
Adama: You watch what you say about her! She's the President. Not some skinjobs that I've been banging. What do you think Ellen would say about this?
Tigh: Leave Ellen out of this.
Adama: What would she say about her husband impregnating a frakking Cylon prisoner.
Tigh: You motherfrakker!

The Hub

Roslin: I love you.
Adama: About time.


Bill, you gotta scrub this mission.

What the hell are you doing here? You're supposed to be in the CIC.
Tigh: The Cylons will kill every godsdamn hostage before we put one pair of boots aboard their ship. Laura Roslin will be the next to die, Bill.
Adama: I'm looking for options. You got one?
Tigh: Yeah. I should've told you when I first found out, but I didn't have the guts.
Adama: What's wrong with you, Saul?
Tigh: Remember back at the nebula when I told you about that frakkin' music? I thought it was in the ship. I was wrong. It was a signal. Some kind of crazy, frakked-up Cylon signal switched me on. I can't turn it off.
Adama: Switched you on.
Tigh: Like Boomer. I'm one of the Five.
Adama: The Five.
Tigh: One of the Cylons D'Anna's after.
Adama: Quit frakkin' with me. Colonel, I've known you for 30 years.
Tigh: I told you. I didn't find out until the nebula.
Adama: Think about this. When I met you, you had hair. I never heard of a Cylon aging.
Tigh: Doesn't mean they don't. Before the attack on the colonies, we didn't know skinjobs existed. Turns out there's another kind of Cylon we didn't know about, and I'm one of them.
Adama: On New Caprica, you were in captivity. They did something to you. They… An implant, a post-hypnotic suggestion that makes you feel this way. Let's go talk to doc Cottle.
Tigh: Listen to me! It is not a delusion. It is not a chip in my head. I am a Cylon. I've fooled you for months now. I didn't want to, but I did.
Adama: Get your hands off of me.
Tigh: If I had the guts to airlock myself when I first found out, we wouldn't be in this mess. But that's the way out. Not this suicidal attack. I am one of the Final Five.

A BSG 67 legjobb dialógusa (1-24.)

Na jó, most már aztán tényleg nincs mentség, egyszerűen nem tudtuk se
följebb, se lejjebb kerekíteni ezt a számot. A tetejébe még csaltunk is
egy picit, mert nem kizárólag párbeszédeket vettünk sorra, hanem minden
nemű beszélgetést. Nem tehettünk mást, annyira jók ezek az idézetek,
hogy egy az egyben kiírtuk vagy kimásoltuk őket, emiatt három
részletben is fogjuk őket publikálni, hogy emészthető legyen.
Referenciapontnak így mindig jók lesznek, még ha együltő helyünkben
lehetetlen is végigolvasni őket. Következzen tehát a Battlestar
Galactica hatvannégy legjobb dialógusa közül az első huszonnégy, az
első és a második évadból. Az elmaradhatatlan elmés megjegyzések mellől nem maradhattak ki az olyan gyöngyszemek, mint Kara és Leoben beszélgetése a Flesh and Bone-ban, Baltar istenkáromlása a Six degreesből, illetve Tyrol több oldalas gyónása Cavilnek.
Sztalkernek ismét köszönöm a nagy segítséget.



Adama: Morning, Starbuck, what do you hear?
Starbuck: Nothin' but the rain.
Adama: Grab your gund and bring the cat in.
Starbuck: Aye-aye, sir.

Lee: So what's the charge this time?
Kara: Striking a superior asshole.
Lee: Ah, I'll bet you've been waiting all day to say that one.
Kara:Most of the afternoon, yeah.

Lee: Sir, "Apollo" is just my call sign. My name is Lee Adama.
Roslin: I know who you are, but "Captain Apollo" has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Starbuck: Permission to speak off the record, sir?
Tigh: Granted.
Starbuck: You're a bastard.


 Why did you allow the relationship to continue knowing it was against regulations?
Adama: I'm a soft touch.

Six Degrees of Separation

I don't see the hand of God in here. Could I be looking in the wrong place? Let me see. Proteins? Yes. Haemoglobin? Yes. Divine digits? No. Sorry. I'm sure I can find evidence of his divine hand in one of these delightful samples. After all, there are so frakking many I'm sure even I can be relied upon to find God in one of them.

Angel Six:
What is it that drives you to blasphemy, Gaius? A need to tempt fate?
Baltar: Boredom, actually. Indeed, every waking hour is spent in what some might say, has become my own personal religion. The Church of the Mystic Cylon Detector.
Angel Six: Are you finished? If you would give yourself over to God's will you'd find peace in his love as I have.
Baltar: Could you help me with this zipper? I'm having trouble.
Angel Six: He has a plan for us.
Baltar: How do you know it's a he?
Angel Six: There is only one, true God.
Baltar: Really? You running a glitch in the programme or something? 'Cause you say the same thing over and over again. Now, I've accepted your God and all that. Can't we reboot the hard drive?
Angel Six: He's not my God. He is God.
Baltar: Yeah, your God, my God, everyone's God. He's big enough for all of us, isn't he? Now, please. Please, honey. Can't we do something a little more elevating?
Angel Six: It's important you form a personal relationship with God. Only you can give yourself over to his eternal love.

Baltar: For God's sake! I can't take this anymore!
Angel Six: I'm trying to save your immortal soul.
Baltar: What you are doing, darling, is boring me to death with your superstitious drivel. Your metaphysical nonsense which, to be fair, actually appeals to the half-educated dullards that make up most of human society, but which, I hasten to add no rational, intelligent, free-thinking human being truly believes. Which leads me to the inescapable conclusion that Cylons are, in the final analysis, little more than toasters with great looking legs.


Flesh and Bone

Leoben: To know the face of God, is to know madness. I see the universe. I see the patterns. I see the foreshadowing that precedes every moment of every day. It's all there. I see it. And you don't. And I have a surprise for you. I have something to tell you about the future. 
Kara: Is that so? 
Leoben: It is. But we have to see this thing through till the end. What is the most basic article of faith? This is not all that we are. The difference between you and me is, I know what that means and you don't. I know that I'm more than this body, this consciousness. A part of me swims in the stream. But in truth, I'm standing on the shore. The current never takes me downstream.
Kara: This is worse than Galactica. And I didn't think that was possible. And what was that? Swimming in streams or something?
(Leoben Kara félretett étele felé nyúl)
Leoben: Do you mind? Thank you. Starving. Haven't eaten in days. 
Kara: Kind of bad programming, isn't it? I mean, why bother with hunger? 
Leoben: Part of being human. 
Kara: You're not human. How's your lunch? 
Leoben: You know how it is. When you're starving, anything tastes good. 

(egy őr váratlanul fejbeüti Leobent) 

Kara: Did that hurt? 
Leoben: Yeah, that hurt. 
Kara: Machines shouldn't feel pain… shouldn't bleed… shouldn't sweat. 
Leoben: Sweat. That's funny. That's good. 
Kara: See, a smart Cylon would turn off the old pain software about now. But I don't think you're so smart.  
Leoben: Maybe I'll turn it off and you won't even know. 
Kara: Here's your dilemma. Turn off the pain, you feel better, but that makes you a machine, not a person. You see, human beings can't turn off their pain. Human beings have to suffer… and cry, and scream, and endure… because they have no choice. So the only way you can avoid the pain you're about to receive is by telling me exactly what I wanna know. Just like a human would. 
Leoben: I knew this about you. You're everything I thought you would be. But it won't work. I won't tell you anything.
Kara: Maybe not. But then, you'll know deep down that I beat you… that a human being beat you… and that you are truly no greater than we are. You're just a bunch of machines after all. 
Leoben: Let the games begin.


Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

Roslin: If you're a Cylon, I'd like to know.
Adama: If I'm a Cylon, you're really screwed.


Baltar:  I just don't respond to the title "Doc." A dock is a platform for loading and unloading material. My title is "Doctor" or "Mr. Vice President," if you don't mind.
Tyrol: You are loading, are you not? 

Tigh: Is he going to make it?
Cottle: How should I know? I'm not a psychic. Now get the hell out of here.


Starbuck: You know you guys suck, right? Can't shoot, can't pass, sure as hell can't take a point.
Anders: Everyone's a critic.

Roslin: Doctor, I need your help. But it's illegal, dangerous and a violation of your oath as an officer.
Cottle: You're a lousy salesman.

Roslin: Well, Mr. Zarek, it would seem that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Zarek: Call me Tom.

The Farm

Anders: You always such a bitch in the morning?
Starbuck: Count on it. 
Anders: My kind of woman.


Final Cut

Adama: You understand that even a hint of this could be devastating to the moral in the fleet?
D'Anna: You're a master of understatement.


Cain: Commander… why are you launching Vipers?
Adama: Please arrange for Chief Tyrol and Lieutenant Agathon to be handed over to my Marines as soon as they arrive.
Cain: I don't take orders from you.
Adama: Call it whatever you like. I'm getting my men.
Cain: You are making such a mistake.
Adama: I'm getting my men!

Resurrection Ship

The spirit of the law requires something more here than summary executions. 

Is this what the two of you have been doing for the past six months? Debating the finer points of Colonial law? Well, guess what, we're at war! And we don't have the luxury of academic debate over these issues. 

Cain: Frak you.
Gina: You're not my type.



Starbuck: You know, the president says that we're saving humanity for a bright, shiny future. On Earth. That you and I are never gonna see. Because we go out over and over again, until someday some metal motherfrakker is gonna catch us on a bad day and blow us away.
Lee: Bright shiny futures are overrated anyway.

Lay Down Your Burdens I.

Tory: Madam President, in my opinion, people vote their hopes, not their fears. Baltar is offering them what they want to hear, and you're offering them a bitter reality.
Roslin: I'm offering them the truth.
Tory: They don't want to hear the truth. They're tired, exhausted. The idea of stopping, laying down their burdens, and starting a new life right now is what is resonating with the voters.

Tyrol: I pray to the gods every night. I don't think they listen to me.
Cavil: Do you know how useless prayer is? Chanting and singing and mucking about with old half-remembered lines of bad poetry? And you know what it gets you? Exactly nothing.
Tyrol: You sure you're a priest?
Cavil: I've been preaching longer than you've been sucking down oxygen. And in that time I learned enough to know that the gods don't answer prayers. We're here on our own. That's the way they set things up. We have to find our own answers, our own way out of the wilderness, without a nice little sunny path all layed out in front of us in advance. 
Tyrol: That's what I'm trying to do. Trying to find my way.
Cavil: Well, it's not going to get better until you see what the problem is. And the problem is, you're screwed up, heart and mind. You. Not the–not the gods or fate or the universe. You.
Tyrol: Thanks for the pep talk.

Cavil: Let's, uh, let's talk about what happened.
Tyrol: I can't really believe it. Cally. I-I-I don't understand how I could do that to Cally. It's like it's a nightmare.
Cavil: She said you were asleep when she found you. Were you having a nightmare when she woke you up?
Tyrol:  I don't remember.
Cavil: Oh. Been having any recurring dreams lately?
Tyrol: No.
Cavil: Okay. That's what we in the pray trade call a lie. And lies aren't going to get you anywhere, my friend. So skip over the denials and the deceptions and let's get right down to it, shall we? You're having dreams. What are they? Tell me about your dream, Chief.
Tyrol: Every night– every night, it's the same.
Cavil: For how long?
Tyrol: Couple weeks.
Cavil: And you were having the same dream when Cally woke you up, weren't you?
Tyrol: I don't know. I don't remember. Maybe. It doesn't matter, does it? All I remember is Cally on the ground and the blood.
Cavil: She stopped you. By waking you up, she prevented you from carrying out your secret desire to kill yourself.
Tyrol: I don't have a secret desire to kill myself.
Cavil: Well, actually, you're right. It's not a secret. You obviously want to kill yourself. Question is why.

Cavil: Why are you running?
Tyrol: I'm not.
Cavil: How long are you going to do this? How long are you going to refuse to see what's right in front of your face? Forget it. I'm done.
Tyrol: What, you're– you're leaving?
Cavil: That's right. I'm done. I'm done dancing around the truth with you. You know what's going o n. But you can't or you won't face it, so… I'm not a therapist. I'm not going to hold your hand and help you along. I'm just trying to get you right with yourself and with your gods, but you're not willing to do it.
Tyrol: I don't even know what you're talking about.
Cavil: Oh for gods' sake, chief! Come on! You think you're a cylon.
Tyrol: I am not a cylon.
Cavil: Well, of course you're not. But that's what you're afraid of, isn't it? That you might be a cylon and not even know it just–just like Boomer, right? Right? That's the thought that's torturing your dreams and crippling your soul. I'm a cylon, just like Sharon, and I deserve to die.
Tyrol: Sharon didn't know what she was. She just kept thinking– feeling that she was going to do this terrible thing. But she knew that she had to stop herself before she did.
Cavil: And you think that's what you're going to do. Some terrible thing. Well, the truth is, you might. But not because you're a cylon. Because you're a human being, and human beings do terrible things all the time.
Tyrol: But how do you know I'm human?
Cavil: Oh, well, maybe because T'm a cylon, and I've never seen you at any of the meetings. There's not much more I can do for you. You're going to have to go back to work and try and leave all of this behind you.
Tyrol: No. I– I can't. I can't go back and face the deck people again. And Cally?
Cavil: Well, you'd better. That's the o nly family you've got. Just know that that's your family and that they love you. Even Cally. Especially Cally. If you doubt your humanity and your essential nature as a human being, all you need to do is look to them for the salvation you've been seeking from the gods. The gods lift up those who lift each other, Chief.


Lay Down Your Burdens II.

Adama:  Do we steal the results of a democratic election or not? Because if we do this we're criminals. Unindicted maybe, but criminals all the same.
Roslin: Yes we are.
Adama: You won't do it. You've come this far but you won't do it.
Roslin: Excuse me?
Adama: If you do this you'll die inside, move the cancer right to your heart. 

Adama: You're not listening.
Baltar: I don't have to listen. I'm the president.

Sharon: As long as you offer no resistance, you won't be harmed.
Baltar: How do I know that?
Doral: You don't. You also don't have any choice.
Baltar: Very well. On behalf of the people of the Twelve Colonies, I surrender.

A BSG 71 legszebb pillanata

Mielőtt újabb nagy fába vágnánk a fejszénket, szeretnénk dicsérni a sorozat látványáért felelős szakembereket. A kedvenc képeink következnek most, legyen az CGI vagy élőszereplős, a lényeg az volt, hogy legyen valamiben különleges, vagy fessen gyönyörűen. Mivel a Battlestar Galactica bővelkedik a fantasztikusan beállított képekben és a remek vizuális effektekben, ezért olyanokra szorítkoztunk, amiből tényleg keveset látni. Az ugrás után a sztalkerrel készített képgyűjteményünket láthatjátok (bár a munka dandárját ő végezte), kommentár nélkül.


Six Degrees of Separation

Flesh and Bone

The Hand of God

Colonial Day

Kobol’s Last Gleaming, Part II

Valley of Darkness


The Farm

Home, Part II


Resurrection Ship, Part II

Black Market


Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I

Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II


Exodus, Part II


A Measure of Salvation


Unfinished Business



Crossroads, Part I

Crossroads, Part II


He That Believeth in Me

The Ties That Bind

The Road Less Travelled

The Hub


Sometimes a Great Notion

A Disquiet Follows My Soul

The Oath

Blood on the Scales

No Exit


Someone to Watch Over Me

Islanded in a Stream of Stars


A 45 legjobb Battlestar Galactica-egysoros

Most, hogy a BSG befejeződött, és kezd leülepedni az utolsó epizódok hatása is, ideje summázni a sorozatot. Vegyük át, mit adott nekünk Ron Moore és csapata, mi az, ami több mint öt év terméséből megmarad majd bennünk, és mik azok a dolgok, amelyek kiemelik ezt a produkciót a többi közül. Mert hát az, hogy a Battlestar Galactica az egyik legtöbbet méltatott drámává és sci-fivé vált, rengeteg tényezőn múlt. Az írók, a rendezők, a színészek, a zeneszerzők, a vágók, a CGI-csapat és még számos tehetség olyan konstellációja valósult itt meg, amire nagyon kevés példa akad a tévétörténelemben.

Kevés sorozat tud érvényesülni annyi fronton, amennyin a BSG győzelmet aratott – hogy ezt alátámasszuk, jó barátom, sztalker és én arra vállalkoztunk, hogy összegyűjtsük és kategorizáljuk a Battlestar fénypontjait. Az írók munkáját kénytelenek leszünk több posztban is méltatni, kezdjük is rögtön az egysorosaikkal.

Az egysorosok, azaz a rövid, hatásos megszólalások per definitionem gyakran életszerűtlenek, süt róluk az író keze nyoma, mi, a nézők, mégis imádjuk őket. Ezekkel lehet eladni nekünk a House-t, ezért kedveljük az olyan negatív hősöket, mint a Kemény zsaruk Vic Mackey-je, és ezeket jegyezzük meg jóval azután is, hogy utoljára levettük a polcról a becses DVD-ket. Lehetnek röhejesek, szellemesek, dögösek, bölcsek, könnyfakasztóak vagy épp csak hangzatosak, egy biztos, hogy tömörségükkel telibe találnak, és ékként furakodnak be az emlékezetünkbe. Nehéz dolgunk volt, hogy a sokszínűségüket megfelelően reprezentáljuk, mégse hígítsuk föl a gyűjteményt oda nem illő elemekkel, és biztos, hogy nem jártunk teljes sikerrel, ezért minden kiegészítésnek örülünk a kommentek között.
A lapozás után olvashatjátok a válogatásunkat.


1. Six: "Are you alive?" – Minisorozat

Időrendben a sorozat legelső mondata egy Sixtől. Hogy pontosan mi az értelme, azt lehetne vitatni, de egy embernek kinéző robottól, akiről még az égvilágon semmit sem tudunk, baromira izgalmas, talán még elgondolkodtató is; egy ilyen sorozatot így kell felütni. 

2. Six: "Humanity's children are returning home. Today." – Minisorozat

Ez volt a jó öreg Ron Moore-féle irodalmi teatralitás egyik első jele, de a hatásosságát nem lehet letagadni. A későbbi Caprica Six szexi, könyörtelen hangjával kiegészülve az egyik legemlékezetesebb mondatát kaptuk a teljes BSG-nek, vitán felül.

3. Adama: "God didn't create the cylons. Man did." – Minisorozat

A teljesség kedvéért így folytatódott Adama elmés megjegyzése: "And I'm pretty sure we didn't include a soul in the programming." A szöveg válasz volt Leoben eszmefuttatására, ám a környezetéből kiragadva is megállja a helyét, hiszen kitűnően alapozza meg a sorozat egyik fő témáját, a cylonok és az emberek viszonyát. Érdekes, hogy a Caprica sztorijának, valamint a humanoid cylonok eredetének ismeretében mennyire másként lehet értelmezni ezeket a szavakat.

4. Roslin: "There's no Earth. You made it all up." – Minisorozat

Adama felemelő és szemfelnyitó Föld-beszéde (amely majd egy másik poszt témája lesz) után az elnöknő ezen két mondata egy szemvillanás alatt más kontextusba helyezte a parancsnok ígéretét, és ezáltal a sorozat premisszáját is. Az ebben a beszélgetésükben elhangzottak visszatérő elemeivé váltak a kettejük viszonyának, és nagyon érdekes látni, hogyan változott évadról évadra a álláspontjuk a Földről. "There's no Earth" – ezek voltak Adama szavai a Revelationsben is, és micsoda utat jártunk be addig.

5. Tigh: "If the crew doesn't hate the XO, then he's not doing his job." – 33

Ron Moore sehogy másképp nem tehette volna egyértelműbbé, hogy itt bizony nem a Star Trek-klisék első tisztjével lesz dolgunk. Ebből is látszik, hogy ha valaki, akkor Tigh biztosan konzisztens karakter maradt a sorozat alatt. 

6. Starbuck: "Pilots call me 'Starbuck', you may refer to me as 'God'." – Act of Contrition

Ezekkel a szavakkal köszöntötte Starbuck az újonnan besorozott pilótákat, akik a hangárbaleset után kerültek alá. Az biztos, hogy David Weddle-ék már akkor nagyon ráéreztek a karakterére. 

7. Baltar: "No more Mr. Nice Gaius!" – Six Degrees of Separation

Michael Angeli először tette tiszteletét a BSG-ben, és rögtön megajándékozott bennünket ezzel az örökérvényűvel. A szituáció, ahogy a vécében kuporgó Shelly Godfrey-nek üvöltözik, de úgy, hogy az úriemberi választékosságát továbbra sem veszíti el, feledhetetlenné tette az egész jelenetet. A rajongók kollektív emlékezete szereti a mondat elé képzelni, hogy “All right, that’s it”, ám ehhez hasonló sosem hangzott el a minimonológban.

8. Ellen Tigh: "You don't want to frak with me, Bill. Remember that." – Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

Nem szabad elfeledkezni a sorozat történetének legviccesebb epizódjáról sem, még ha nem is a verbális humor volt a legfőbb eszköze. Ellen Tigh ezzel a mondatával végleg elhelyezte magát a BSG karaktereinek palettáján, hiszen előtte nem volt senki a hajón, aki packázni mert volna a parancsnokkal.

9. Adama: "Sometimes you have to roll the hard six" – The Hand of God

Adama mondatára szerintem mindenki úgy emlékszik vissza, mintha gyakran elhangzott volna a sorozatban, pedig ezen kívül mindössze egyszer történt rá egy utalás, a Valley of Darknessben Lee által. A “hard six” egyébként a craps nevű kockajátékban jelenti a dupla hármas dobást, amely mindenféle hatos összegű kombináció közül a legvalószínűtlenebb.

10. Angel Six: "Life is a melody, Gaius. A rhythm of notes that become your existence once played in harmony with God's plan." – Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II

És mi még kételkedtünk abban, hogy Head Six angyal lenne. A későbbi zenei utalások és az All Along the Watchtower fényében csak még érdekesebb ez a mesterien megfogalmazott megállapítás.

11. Starbuck: "Bitch took my ride." – Scattered

Ezt a mondatot az elsők között írtam fel a listára. Ron Moore is annyira szereti, hogy még a Daybreak podcastjában is emlékezett rá, pedig szerintem nem sűrűn nézegeti a saját sorozatát. Emlékeztetőül, ez volt az a kommentár, amit Starbuck ahhoz fűzött, hogy Sharon váratlanul lelépett a kibelezett Raiderével, hogy aztán a Farmban épp a megfelelő helyen és időben, minden ok nélkül újra felbukkanjon.

12. Cottle: "Will you stop going crazy in there?" – Home 2

Mielőtt blaszfémiát kiáltana valaki, hogy ez lesz az egyetlen Cottle-egysoros a teljes listán, meg kell valljam, hogy úgy találtuk, a mogorva doki erősebb a dialógusokban (azok pedig külön posztba kerülnek majd). Persze vannak ezen kívül is elmés megjegyzései, de némelyiken érezni, hogy csak azért mondja őket, mert ő Cottle doki, mi pedig szigorúak voltunk a válogatásban. Ez a Baltarnak címzett beszólás viszont máig mosolyt csal az arcomra, szintén az elsők között jutott az eszembe.

13. Roslin: "[…] we created them. There's always a chance we might find common ground." – Flight of the Phoenix

Az elnöknő ezt Adamának mondta Sharon kapcsán, de általános bölcsességként is tökéletesen megállja a helyét, arról nem is beszélve, hogy hatványozottan igazzá vált a sorozat végére. 

14. Gaeta: "Got any porn in there?" – Pegasus

Ez a mondat talán csak a bővített kiadásban hallható, de kétségtelenül Gaeta hadnagy valaha volt legjobb megszólalása. A Pegasus katonái áthoztak pár adattárolót a Galactica nemrég leformázott gépei számára, és ekkor hangzott el a karakteridegen (és épp ezért vicces) kérdés a hadnagytól.

15. Helo: "Oh, looky here! Sunshine boys are here!" – Resurrection Ship II.

A Sunshine boys annyira megmaradt az írókban is, hogy a Pegasus két baltaarcú szerelőjét azóta is így hívták maguk között. Ha ez a név nincs, talán örökre meg is feledkezünk róluk, arról nem is beszélve, hogy Helo is megkapta az első (és talán utolsó) valamirevaló egysorosát.

16. Sharon: "You said that humanity never asked itself why it deserved to survive. Maybe you don't." – Resurrection Ship II.

Ehhez a beszélgetéshez vezetett a 13-as számú tanács Roslintól, ekkor kezdődött a jó viszony Athena és Adama között. A megjegyzés mindmáig elgondolkodtató, aktuális, olyan, aminek a hallatán üres tekintettel meregneni kezdünk, aztán vissza kell tekernünk a filmet, mert azon kapjuk magunkat, hogy nem figyeltünk a beszélgetés hátralevő részére.

17. Phelan: "It's hard to find the moral high ground when we're all standing in the mud." – Black Market

Mark Verheiden bemutatkozó forgatókönyvéből került ide az egyetlen olyan idézet, amely egy epizódszereplő szájából hangzott el. A Black Market a gyatra története ellenére is gazdag táptalaja Verheiden elmés szövegeinek, és a fekete maffiózó életigazsága a legkiemelkedőbb közülük. 

18. John Cavil: "Yes, I'm a Cylon. And I have a message. So… Take me to your leader." – Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II.

Cavil atya jön, lát és győz. Dean Stockwell feledhetetlen alakítása pillanatok alatt a cylonok élvonalába juttatta a legutoljára bemutatott modellt, akinek a szarkazmusa versenyre kelhetne Cottle mogorvaságával, és sosem tudnánk győztest hirdetni.

19. Starbuck: "Fight 'em 'til we can't." – Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II.

Meggyőződésem, hogy Starbuck talán legismertebb megszólalása nem itt hangzott el legelőször, de mindenképpen a második évad legutolsó képei alatt a legerőteljesebb a hatása. Annyira leleményes kifejezés, hogy az Anthrax még egy hasonló című albumot is kiadott a nyomán.

20. Cally: "Frak you Sharon, you stupid frakked-up toaster! How many times do I have to shoot you anyway?" – Precipice

Tiszteletünket illene tennünk Cally előtt is, még ha nem is tartozik a kedvenceink közé. Tyrol élete párja ezekkel a szavakkal köszönte meg Boomernek, hogy nem tudja kiszabadítani őt, miközben mi a sokadik börtöncellás jelenetben gyönyörködtünk. 

21. Baltar: "Shoot! I am begging you to shoot me!" – Exodus, Part II.

Ehhez a mondathoz ragaszkodtam, pedig több okból is kilóg a listáról. Először is aligha igazán egysoros, de nem ez az egyetlen olyan idézet a válogatásunkban, amely inkább a hangulati, drámai értéke miatt került fel, nem a jelentése miatt. Másodszor pedig valójában sosem hangzott el az Exodus második részében, legalábbis nem ebben a formájában. A harmadik évad ütős trailerében hallhattunk, valószínűleg egy másik felvétel másik alakításából, amelyben Baltar üvöltve könyörögött Gaetának a tőle váratlan szavakkal. 

22. Adama: "It's been an honour." – Exodus, Part II.

Ismét egy mondat, amely a környezete nélkül jelentéktelen, viszont ha tudjuk, hogy majdnem ezek voltak Adama admirális utolsó szavai, ha előttünk van az elgyötört arca, látjuk a CIC legénységének pillantásait, ha emlékezünk az eltávolodó, magára hagyott Galacticára, akkor ez a négy egyszerű szó szívbemarkoló emlékké válik, amelyet még egy jó darabig nem fogunk tudni elfelejteni.

23. Lee: "Wow, you literally drank Anders under the table." – Unfinished Business

Lee Adama hülye humora meglepően konzisztens maradt a sorozat történetében, Michael Taylor írásáról pedig lerí, hogy gyakorlatilag azért állította be így a jelenetet, hogy ez a mondat elhangozhasson, de nem számít, így is bármikor képes vagyok egy jóízűt nevetni rajta. 

24. Tyrol: "To marriage! Why we build bars." – Taking a Break From All Your Worries

A hangárban torkaszakadtából üvöltő, minden héten újabb frappáns megjegyzéssel buzdító Galen Tyrol helyett rendhagyóan ezt a szokatlanabb, cinikusabb főnököt választottuk a listánkra. A mondat nemcsak kiválóan idézhető a megfelelő élethelyzetben (anélkül, hogy ismerőseink tudnák, honnan loptuk), de Tyrol karakterfejlődésének is kitűnő indikátora.

25. Romo Lampkin: "I was born for this." – The Son Also Rises

Miért másért vállalná bárki is az univerzum leggyűlöltebb emberének védelmezését? Romo Lampkin hatásos entrée-járól Michael Angeli tehet, amelyből ez a mondat különösen nagy kedvencünkké vált, a maga oda nem illő pátoszával, és a biztos tudattal, hogy az ügyvéd ezt komolyan gondolta.

26. Romo Lampkin: "See, the problem is that I'm a really good liar and you're not." – Crossroads, Part I.

Lampkintől nem hagyhattuk ki a Leenek intézett megjegyzését, ami tömören rávilágít mindkettejük személyiségére, stílusos és vicces is — azaz olyan, mint maga Romo Lampkin.

27. Helo: "Weather's changing, Felix. We need to be ready for it. There's a storm coming." – Crossroads, Part I.

Helo komolyabbik oldaláról is illik megemlékeznünk, még ha a karakter nem is bajnoka az egysorosoknak. Az Agathonok tendenciózusan jósolták meg a közeljövőt az évadfinálék során, elég csak Sharon "Something dark is coming, Helo"-jára gondolnunk, amelyet pont a hasonlósága miatt hagytunk le erről a listáról. Mindkettő életszerűségéről lehetne vitát nyitni, de az biztos, hogy tökéletesen teremtették meg az alapot az elkövetkező események számára.

28. Tigh: "There must be some kind of way out of here!" – Crossroads, Part II. 

Nem maradhatott ki a Crossroads alatt felhangzó "All Along the Watchtower"-sorok valamelyike sem, melyek közül mindenképpen Tigh távolba révedő tekintete és kísérteties hangja viszi el a prímet. 

29. John Cavil: "Says God Almighty the voice of reason, that's who!" – Six of One

Caviltől az egyik kedvenc mondatom a fentebbi, elsősorban azért, ahogy mondja őket, de nem elhanyagolható a benne rejlő, többrétegű cinizmus sem, amit csak a későbbi epizódok fényében ismerhettünk fel igazán. 

30. Lee: "Looks like you got the house." – Six of One

Lee Adama ezekkel a szavakkal búcsúzott el Deetől a leszerelési ceremóniáján, ami tökéletes példája annak, hogy hogyan kell egy megható pillanat visszafojtottságát a megfelelő mondattal megtörni, és szabad utat engedni az érzelmeknek. Angeli mester alkotta ezt is, ami, azt hiszem, mindenre magyarázat. 

31. John Cavil: "We are machines, dear, remember? We don't have souls." – The Ties That Bind

Cavil ezzel különböztette meg magukat a rebellis cylonoktól, miután csapást mért rájuk a Feltámadás hajóktól távol. Nekik nem kell aggódniuk a lelkiismeretük miatt, hisz lelkük sincs: ez a (Natalie szavaival élve) nihilista csattanó egy újabb réteget adott Cavil személyiségéhez, ami aztán később alapos kifejtésre is került a No Exitben. 

32. Angel Six: "Old gods die hard." – Escape Velocity

Baltar virtuális barátnője facsarta ki a régi mondást, miután Árész fiai rátámadtak a szekta barlangjára. Baltar csak ekkor ismerte fel teljes egészében, hogy pontosan mit is művel ő a hittérítésével, ezek a szavak indították el őt a misszióján. 

33. Adama: "You know how many times I've had to repair this ship?" – Sine Qua Non

Az igazi barátság ez, egy zsémbes megjegyzéssel elintézni azt, hogy egy perccel ezelőtt Adama és Tigh még verekedtek. Persze az teszi igazán viccessé, hogy tudjuk, a szóban forgó hajómodellt Edward James Olmos maga tette először tönkre egy improvizációjában, majdnem több százezres kárt okozva a produkciónak.

34. Romo Lampkin: "Hope is the last thing we need!" – Sine Qua Non

Romo Lampkin konfrontációja Lee Adamával ebben a mondatban csúcsosodott ki, ami inkább csak a következő félévad tükrében vált izgalmassá: az ügyvéd rezonőrként figyelmeztetett minket a remény veszélyeire, és tudjuk, milyen igaza lett. 

35. Zarek: "Every revolution begins with one small act of courage." – A Disquiet Follows My Soul

Tom Zarek, akármennyire is mestere a szavaknak, a rövid kijelentések nem az ő kifejezőeszközei. Ez a mondata azonban, bármennyire általános és talán kissé klisés is, telitalálat, jobbat nem is választhattunk volna tőle a listára. Ezek az igazi forradalmár, a mindig patetikus politikus, a nagy kommunikátor szavai.

36. Starbuck: "Semper frakking Fi!" – The Oath

Mark Verheiden biztosan kedvelte a karakterét, mert Starbucktól a fél Oath-ot beidézhetnénk, annyira jól osztja benne az észt. Ez az egy mégis a legfrappánsabb, legidőtállóbb, legtökösebb mind közül, ahogy lazán, hozzáfűznivaló nélkül odaveti a tengerészgyalogos-mottót. Mindörökké kibaszottul hűséges.

37. Gaeta: "It stopped." – Blood on the Scales

Ez a két szó, a legrövidebb egysorosunk egyben az egyik legerőteljesebb is, ha ismerjük az előzményeit. E két szó hallatán megdermedünk, megborzongunk, és még ha akarunk, sem örülhetünk a lázadás leverésének. E két szó húzza alá és nyomatékosítja, hogy ez a történet még most is az emberről szól, a karakterek drámájáról.

38. Hot Dog: "How many dead chicks are out there?" – Deadlock

Jane Espenson nem hazudtolja meg önmagát, bármilyen helyzetben képes elsütni egy váratlan poént. Teljesen mindegy, illik-e a sorozat vagy csupán az epizód hangulatába, vagy életszerű-e, ha egyszer vicces, és mi ezért szeretjük. 

39. Ellen Tigh: "Does anybody have something to drink?" – Deadlock

Ellen Tigh ezzel a mondatával rázódott vissza régi szerepébe, ami egyszerre volt vicces és váratlan, mégis érthető. A jelenet összhatása csak növeli az idézet értékét, ezért került erre a listára.

40. Tigh: "Great grandpa was a power sander!" – Deadlock

Ismét egy Jane Espenson-os bebiggyesztett poén, amire még számos példát hozhatnánk fel, de ez azért is érdemelte ki a helyét a gyűjteményben, mert nem csupán céltanak humorforrás, hanem érdekes bemutatása annak, hogy hogyan kezeli Adama és Tigh a tényt, hogy az öreg félszemű egy cylon. A jelenet egyébként is az egyik kedvencünnk az epizódból, muszáj volt megemlékezni

41. Tigh: "But that man's friendship… ah frak!" – Islanded in a Stream of Stars

Az ezredestől szeretünk idézni, de ehhez hasonló érzelemkitörést nehéz lenne találni tőle. Michael Taylor tökéletesen öntötte szavakba, hogy hogyan tudna Tigh beszélni az érzéseiről: sehogy. Ha ehhez hozzátesszük azt a zseniális alakítást, amit Michael Hogan nyújtott ebben a jelenetben, a BSG egyik legjobb egysorosát kapjuk. Muszáj imádni.

42. Roslin: "So much… life." – Daybreak

Gyönyörű búcsú ez Laura Roslin karakterétől. Az elnöknő utolsó szavai könnyfakasztóan álltak kontrasztban a saját haldoklásával, és csodásan adtak hozzá egy újabb réteget a BSG mondanivalójához, mindenféle túlírt szentbeszéd nélkül az élet és a környezet fontosságáról.

43. Adama: "Earth is a dream. One we've been chasing for a long time." – Daybreak

Számomra ezek a szavak meggyőzően magyarázták el, miért élünk mi csak a második Földön. Az igazi szépségét talán mégis az adja, hogy tökéletes párhuzamban áll a minisorozat Adamájának beszédével, amikor a Föld nevű hazugságban ringatta el a legénységét. Akkor egy álmot adott az emberiségnek, ami történetesen a Föld nevet viselte, és ez az álom azután is álom maradt, hogy a bolygó maga csalódást keltő valósággá vált.

44. Baltar: "You know, I know about farming." – Daybreak

Kétségtelenül a karakter legőszintébb pillanata, és talán az egész Daybreak legszívbemarkolóbb pillanata — legalábbis a nézői reakciók ezt igazolják. Azt hiszem, ezt tényleg számos módon lehet értelmezni, számomra mégis azt jelenti, hogy a tékozló fiúnak, ha képletesen is, de haza kell térnie. Nem szabad letagadnunk, nem szabad elfelejtenünk a gyökereinket, akkor sem, ha akkora szakadék tátong köztünk és a szüleink közt, mint a világ legzseniálisabb tudósa és egy egyszerű farmer közt.

45. Angel Baltar: "You know it doesn't like that name." – Daybreak

A végső fordulat, az utolsó fricska, a frappáns módon nyitva hagyott kérdés. Ki, vagy mi volt isten? Egy szuperfejlett faj egy példánya a Galaxis közepén? Egy szakállas ürge egy fehér felhőn? Alanis Morisette? Bob Dylan? Leoben villogó doboza? A válasz létezik. Pontosan ugyanannyi formában, ahány nézője volt a sorozatnak.