A BSG 67 legjobb dialógusa (49-67)

A negyedik évad második fele egymagában kitett egy egész bejegyzést,
ami bizonyára betudható a frissebb élményeknek is, de a tovább mögött
rejlő tartalom szerintem meggyőző arról, hogy ebben a tíz részben
mennyire kitettek magukért az írók. Az átlagosnál egyébként is több
dialógust hallhattunk, de a többségüket olyan szépen megírva,
amilyennek ritkán találkozni tévében. Ron Moore szavai a Disquiet
Follows My Soulból aranyat érnek, Michael Angeli a Blood on the
Scalesben vésett az emlékezetünkbe felejthetetlen párbeszédeket, és még
sorolhatnánk, minden epizódból akár hármat. Ne lepődjetek meg, ha
egy-egy nagy kedvencet nem találtok itt, valószínűleg a monológ
kategóriába ejtettük át őket, ha pedig nem, akkor "thanks for the
input" mindenkinek. 


Sometimes a Great Notion

I think we should have that little heart to heart you've been pining for. Sit down, Cylon.

Looks like you've got a head start on me, Bill.
Adama: And it looks like you still don't know when to shut your frakkin' mouth and follow orders.
Tigh: Bill, I am so sorry that I didn't have the guts to tell you when I first found out.
Adama: Frak you! You got no guts. You're a frakkin' machine. Is that how it worked? They program you to be my friend? Emulate… all the qualities I respect. Tell me jokes… and I'd laugh at them.
Tigh: Bill… I was your friend because I chose to be. I wanted to be.
Adama: Ah, Ellen. Yeah, you know, Ellen was smarter than I gave her credit for.
Tigh: Don't go there, Bill.
Adama: Smarter than me. She knew from the beginning that there was something wrong with you. That's why she went around frakkin' half the colonial fleet.
Tigh: Shut your mouth!
Adama: Searching out, trying to find a man who had real blood in his main vein.
Tigh: Shut your frakkin' mouth!
Adama: She came on to me once. Like a dog in heat, I could smell. I could smell it… she smelled so good.
Go on, do it, do it, do it! Or I will. Go on, go on. Do it. Go on.
Tigh: Oh, my Gods. That's why you came here. To do this. You haven't got the frakkin' guts to do it yourself. I'm sorry, Bill. This is one time I can't help you. I think we've both had enough.
Adama: Did I ever tell you about my summers with my uncle when I was a kid? Foxes… would attack his henhouse all the time. Really pissed him off. He'd wake me up. We'd go with his hounds at night up into the hills looking for the fox. When the dogs smelled the scent, they'd go crazy. The pack would become a team. Forced the fox… toward the river.
Tigh: So what would the foxes do?
Adama: Half would turn and fight. The other half would try to swim across. But my uncle told me about a few that… They'd swim halfway out, turn with the current, and ride it all the way out to sea. Fishermen would find them a mile offshore just… swimming.
Tigh: Because they wanted to drown.
Adama: Maybe. Or maybe they were just… tired.
Tigh: Well, godsdamn it, Bill. We can't swim out to sea. I am the XO of this ship. You are the commanding officer. How is putting a bullet in your head gonna help Dee? It is sure as frak isn't gonna help all the others who are thinking about doing the same godsdamn thing. And what are they gonna do without the old man here to lead them?
Adama: Lead them where, Saul?

A Disquiet Follows My Soul

Tigh: I still don't see anything.
Cottle: Try looking with your eyes… eye.
Ishay: Here, Colonel. See, this is the head, shoulder, and there's a little hand.
Tigh: I'll be damned.
Six: It's our baby, Saul. Our baby.
Tigh: I need a drink.
Cottle: Here, next best thing.
Ishay: That's a lot of smoking around a pregnant lady.
Cottle: She'll live.

Gaeta: Captain Thrace.
Kara: Whatever it is, I'm not in the mood, Felix.
Gaeta: Oh, so you think I should give a frak about your mood.
Kara: Okay, let's have it.
Gaeta: You tried to throw me out an airlock.
Kara: Still crying about that?
Gaeta: The charges at the time were collaborating with an enemy in a time of war.
Kara: Waiting for the punch line.
Gaeta: It turns out the jury that convicted me was made of two Cylons and a woman married to a Cylon.
Kara: Rim shot! Big laugh, applause, applause, applause. Are we done? Oh, no, wait. I'm sorry, I forgot. We haven't gotten to the leg yet. 50 billion people are dead, and I'm supposed to give a frak about your leg?
Gaeta: Who killed those 50 billion people?
Kara: It wasn't me.
Gaeta: No, it was your husband.
Kara: Are you enjoying yourself? Is this how you get your kicks these days? Oh wait, I'm sorry. I meant half-kicks. 
Gaeta: What was Sam doing on Caprica before he so conveniently met you? You ever wonder? You think maybe he… nuked a few cities? Executed a few thousand prisoners? I'm just wondering. Well, then again, maybe you're a Cylon too.
Kara: At least I'm not a gimp.
Gaeta: One day, one day soon, there's gonna be a reckoning, Kara. And once again people are gonna
have to answer for what they've done.
Kara: Is that a threat?
Gaeta: You're godsdamn right that's a threat.
Kara: Well, you know where to find me, Felix. And in case you're wondering, I will definitely hit a cripple. Or anyone else.
Kara: So I guess a pity frak's out of the question then?

Roslin: It's a big ship.
Adama: You ran the whole route?
Roslin: Half. It's more than I've run in… a long time.
Adama: You're flushed. You look good.
Roslin: Thank you.
Adama: You're not supposed to look good. You're supposed to be in sickbay with a tube in your arm.
Roslin: Changed my mind.
Adama: Like hell. You never intended to go.
Roslin: Caught. Send me to the brig. I can run there.
Adama: Cottle says you're experiencing a moment of euphoria as your body recovers from the toxicity of the treatments.
Roslin: So much for Doctor-patient confidentiality.
Adama: Well, the President's health is a security issue.
Roslin: My resignation will be on your desk in the hour.
Adama: I'm not gonna hand the presidency over to Tom Zarek.
Roslin: Then the status quo will have to do.
Adama: Stop it. Listen, we need you. Zarek's got the Quorum in an uproar. The press is going crazy. The government is spinning out of control. Now… we need you.
Roslin: Take your hands off me, Bill. I've played my role in this farce. "A dying leader will guide the people to the… blah-blah-blah frakkin… blah-blah." I've been there. I've done that. Now what? Is there another role that I have to play for the rest of my life? Do you remember what we said on new Caprica? How we talked about trying to live for today? Well, you better think about that, because… maybe tomorrow really isn't coming. Maybe today is all we have left. And maybe… Just maybe… I've earned the right to live a little before I die. Haven't I? What do you think? Haven't I?
Adama: Yes, you've earned it.
Roslin: I have. Well, guess what. So have you. Now get out of my way.

The Oath

Admiral Adama, I am removing you from command of this ship. I am taking you into custody on the charge of treason.

You swore an oath when you put that uniform on. You pledged to defend this ship and her crew.
Gaeta: You swore the same allegiance. What happened to your oath? For seven years, I have done my frakking job and for what? To take orders from a Cylon? To let machines network our ship? No, you… You are not the leader that you were when we started. You're just a sad, old man that has let his heart and his affection for a Cylon cloud his judgment.
Adama: I want you all to understand this! If you do this… there will be no forgiveness. No amnesty. This boy… died honoring his uniform. You… You'll die with nothing.

Blood on the Scales

I never agreed to this!

Yes, you did.

No, this is murder!
Zarek: This is a coup. That you began. To take command and destroy our enemies, before they destroy us.
Gaeta: What've you done?
Zarek: This… is what happens.
Gaeta: No, it's a lie. This is all based on lies. Don't you get it? We had the truth on our side, now… Now…
Zarek: The truth is told by whoever is left standing. Adama has to go. There's no turning back now.

Zarek: This is Tom Zarek, President of the Twelve Colonies. It's over, Laura. Saul Tigh was killed attempting to escape. Bill Adama was tried and found guilty of his crimes. A firing squad executed him this morning. It's done, Laura. You need to think about the people of this fleet and surrender.
Roslin: No… Not now… Not ever! Do you hear me?!I will use every cannon… every bomb… every bullet, every weapon I have down to my own eye teeth to end you! I SWEAR IT! I'M COMING FOR ALL OF YOU!

Suppose a long time ago, it was… architecture. There was a year there where I scribbled floor plans on everything. Dining room table, patio tiles, rare books… Drove my parents crazy.

How old were you?
Gaeta: I don't know, eight, maybe nine. I tell you one thing, though, I had some frakking amazing ideas. Restaurants shaped like food. And top-heavy buildings, and stairways, everything had to have a stairway. Spoils of war. When I was older, then it became… medicine and… engineering, photography. I think I would've made a better architect than any of those, though. And then, I discovered science. And I… I thought I was really, really good at it. Until I met you.
Baltar: Felix…
Gaeta: Don't. And please, no religion. I'm fine with how things have worked out. Really, Gaius, I am. I… I just hope… I hope that… people realize, eventually… who I am.
Baltar: I know who you are, Felix. I know who you are.

No Exit

Hello, John.

I don't care for that name. I think you know that.
Ellen: I named you after my father.
Cavil: And you made me in his image. Thanks a million for that.
Ellen: I'd love a drink, John. If it's not too much trouble.
Cavil: I take it you're here because things didn't go very well down on New Caprica with you and the mister?
Ellen: I betrayed the resistance, and he poisoned me.
Cain: Nothing like true love.

He did what he thought was right. That's all any man can do.
Cavil: He's not a man.
Ellen: As someone with first-hand knowledge, I beg to differ.
Cavil: He's a machine. So are you.
Ellen: I think that depends on how you define things.
Cavil: Your ancestors didn't crawl up out of the swamp. Personally, I'm rather proud of that.
Ellen: You really haven't changed at all, have you?
Cavil: On the contrary, I've made vast improvements. You'd be astonished.
Ellen: And yet, you're still the same confused and petulant little boy I loved so dearly all those years ago. It's sad. I had such high hopes for you.
Cavil: And I for you. Unfortunately, it appears you still stick to delusional thinking instead of accepting the reality of your life for what it is. Humans have a word for that, Ellen. Schizophrenia.
Ellen: You used my name, John. That's good. There's hope for you yet.
Cavil: We'll talk later.
Ellen: John. It's a bit cold in here.
Cavil: I'll get you some clothes. After all, I've seen it all before.


Angel Six:
Well, you didn't want to be king of the fools anymore.

No, the only thing worse than being leader of this lot… would be being one of them.
Angel Six: Did you really want to feed those people?
Baltar: I enjoyed it, actually. I did enjoy giving. I loved it, actually. The more I did it… Done it long enough, I'd have given them my heart.

Someone to Watch Over Me

My dad used to play.

So what's the story? He forced you to learn, and he was such a perfectionist, you grew to hate it?
Kara: No, I loved it… actually. He used to sit me next to him on the bench when he played. Smell of tobacco on his breath. He taught me a few songs. I used to try so hard to get 'em right. Not because I was afraid he'd get angry, but because I knew he'd be so proud. There was this one song that he taught me. It made me feel happy and sad all at the same time.
Slick: The best ones do.
Kara: How is it possible that I found my body and I'm still here? I mean, what am I? A ghost? A demon?
Slick: You're asking the wrong guy. I'm just a piano player.
Kara: When I was leading the fleet to Earth, everything seemed so clear. For the first time in my life, I knew what I was doing and why I was here. Now I'm just adrift again.
Slick: Listen, you may feel like hell. But sometimes lost is where you need to be. Just because you don't know your direction doesn't mean you don't have one.

Tyrol: Sure as hell.

We're all in hell.
Tyrol: Thanks for your input, Colonel.

Islanded in a Stream of Stars

I just ex… We just experienced something remarkable. Hera wrote the notes to a song. A song that my father used to play to me when I was a child. The same song that switched us on when we were in that nebula. The same song that led us to Earth. Something is happening here, something greater than all of us, and that little girl is in the middle of it. She's the key, sir.

In other words, it's our destiny to go after her, right? Wrong. I've had it up to here with destiny, prophecy, with God or the Gods. Look where it's left us. The ass end of nowhere, nearly half of our people are gone, Earth, a worthless cinder, and I can't even walk down the halls of my ship without wondering if I'm gonna catch a bullet for getting us into this mess.

We're alive, Bill. Four years ago, I wouldn't have taken odds on that.

You've never let me down, Saul. I can't blame you for… being what you are, especially since it includes being the finest officer and friend I've ever had. This ship never let us down, so we're gonna send her off in style.

So we're gonna do this?
Adama: She was a grand old lady.
Tigh: The grandest.
Adama: To Galactica, best ship in the fleet.
Tigh: To Galactica.

Daybreak I

Galactica has been more than our guardian. She's literally a vessel into which we
have poured all of our hopes and dreams. And when she's gone, when we can no longer derive the security from looking out a window and seeing her massive bulk gliding by, then this life will be over and a new life will have begun. A new life that requires a new way of thinking. Now, I am willing to do anything… anything I can to make this new life a good one. All I am asking is that my people have a voice in the government. I represent thousands of people. They deserve to be enfranchised just as much as anyone else. I'm not talking about myself. This is not for me personally. Come on, Lee. It makes sense. You know it's the right thing to do.

What I know… Is that in all the years that I've known you, I've never seen you make one truly selfless act.
Baltar: Right.
Lee: Never seen you do something that didn't on some level serve the greater needs of Gaius frakking Baltar. So, no, I won't take your hand. And I won't bring you or any representative
from your movement into the government.
Baltar: Right. So that's what it boils down to. My people can't get representation because I personally haven't passed Lee Adama's selfless altruism test. I haven't been a goody-goody and won a badge of honor.
Lee: I don't think you've passed Gaius Baltar's test. Go ahead, look me in the eye and tell me about the time that you made a truly heroic act of conscience which helped you not even in the slightest. Tell me! I'll even believe you.
Baltar: You're right. I wouldn't trust me either.

Daybreak II

Thank you, Doctor.

I'm just doing my job.
Roslin: No. You've done much more than that. You've taken a patient who should've died years ago, and you've… given her a chance despite cancer, and the Cylons, and her own obstinate nature. And you've… You've given me the little time I have left, and for that you… You have my… my heartfelt gratitude and my thanks.
Cottle: Well, I… I don't know what to say.
Roslin: Don't. Don't spoil your image, just light a cigarette and go and grumble.

Lee: You know, my very earliest memory of my father was him flying away on a big plane. And wondering when he was coming back. He's not coming back this time.
Kara: No, he's not. Neither am I. Where are you going? I don't know. I just know that I'm done here. I've completed my journey and it feels good.
Kara: So what about you? What are you gonna do? Today is the first day
of the rest of your life, Lee.
Lee: Well… I always thought when this was all done I would… kick back. Relax. Spend the rest of my days doing the absolute minimum humanly possible.
Kara: And now that you're here?
Lee: I want to explore! I wanna climb the mountains. I wanna cross the oceans. I wanna… I can't believe I'm saying this. It sounds so exhausting. I must be crazy.

Lee: Good-bye, Kara. You won't be forgotten.  

I came across a grave a couple of clicks back and ran some tests. Their DNA is compatible with ours.

Meaning we can breed with them.

You got a one-track mind, Doc.
Baltar: What? Listen, I'm talking about the survival of the human race, actually. Not some get together with the natives.
Adama: You also have no sense of humor.

This thing is the key to my people's survival and I'm not leaving without it.

Hera's not a thing. She's a child. And she holds the key to humanity's survival as well.
Cavil: And how do you know that?
Baltar: I see angels. Angels in this very room. Now I may be mad. But that doesn't mean that I'm not right. Because there's another force at work here. There always has been. It's undeniable. We've all experienced it. Everyone in this room has witnessed events that they can't fathom, let alone explain away by rational means. Puzzles deciphered in prophecy. Dreams given to a chosen few. Our loved ones dead. Risen. Whether we wanna call that "God" or "Gods", or some sublime inspiration or a divine force that we can't know or understand, it doesn't matter… It doesn't matter. It's here. It exists. And our two destinies are entwined in its force.
Cavil: If that were true… and that's a big "if"… how do I know this force has our best interests in mind? How do you know that God is on your side, Doctor?
Baltar: I don't. God's not on any one side. God's a force of nature… beyond good and evil. Good and evil, we created those. And we'll break the cycle. Break the cycle of birth, death, rebirth, destruction, escape, death. Well, that's in our hands… and our hands only. Requires a leap of faith. Requires that we live in hope… not fear.
Cavil: If I leave you this girl, that means the destruction of my people. How does our extinction fit into this picture that you want us to believe in?

We'll give you resurrection.
Ellen: Saul!
Tigh: You give us Hera and we will give you resurrection. But the war ends here. You leave humanity in peace… and give up the pursuit now and for all time.
Cavil: Agreed.

How do we know we can take your word for it?
Cavil: You don't. You have to make a leap of faith.